Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing with Friends

We had a good visit with a lot of old friends that we haven't seen in a long time (or in my case, had never met until that day!)  Well, me & my friend Angie decided we wanted to go see the doctor that delivered BOTH of our babies.  Now, me & Angie didn't meet until after we had our boys.  We were really disappointed when we got there & he wasn't working.  But, we did get a few pictures with "grandma" & she gave the boys juice & crackers :)  She spoiled them rotten just like a grandma!  I love the pose Jarrett is giving in the lower, left corner.  This kid loves to have pictures taken of himself.  He cracks me up!
The below pictures are with Nurse Rebecca.  I know she had worked with us before & I thought she was the nurse that told us what we were having.  I was shocked when she came up to me & said "Hey Bonnie!  How are you doing!?"  I couldn't believe she remembered my name after almost 2 years!  I felt bad, because I had to look at her nametag to get hers.  She is SO sweet & a wonderful nurse.  We all love her & it was so cool getting to see the nurse that told us what were having again :)
 Looking at this picture brought tears to my eyes today.  This is Jarrett & his buddy Deegan.  I had gotten a few pictures of the boys last week when we went to a playdate at my friend Christine's house.  The top picture was from over a year ago & our boys are SO TINY!!!  Where has time gone?  
 We hung out with our pals Gracyn & his mama Angie.  We got the boys a little splash park/pool thing.  At Target, all of their pools & pool related items are 75% off!  They are having huge sales right now.  I also got a BEAUTIFUL rug that was usually $199 marked down to $49.98.  I LOVE the rug & its so nice Jarrett doesn't have to play on the hard floor all the time.  Anyways, here are the boys playing in the pools - SANS PANTS.
 Here are a bunch of pictures from our playdate at Auntie Christine's.  She babysitt's 3 kids in our mommy's group.  It's nice to know someone you know well & are friends with is watching your child!  All of the kids had a good time playing with each other.  I think Jarrett was more focused on feeding others instead of himself.  Deegan was the best eater of all!  I think you could probably put anything in front of that kid & he would eat it. 

We had a good couple of days off.  Jason is leaving Wednesday for his best friends wedding in Florida & he won't be back until Sunday.  Just me & the BUB.  Hopefully I can get a LOT of cleaning done b/c my house is a wreck!  Have a good Monday!


  1. Speaking of weddings, do you know anyone who his looking for a good husband? I was just blogging through and came upon your blog. Wishing you and yours love, peace, and happiness.

  2. awww our boys are so big!

  3. aw...I wish I had bunches of friends with babies..sheesh!! how fun!!

    he is getting so big!!!!
    where's the pic of the rug?!

    if i were there i'd help you clean..i loove to clean!

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