Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I have a Logo! And some new stuff in da' shop!

What do you think about the logo my sister made me for my Facebook & Etsy store page?  I've decided to keep Bon Bon's Boutique & my friend is going to keep hers.  We decided that was probably the best way to go for now :)  
I also wanted to share with ya'll a few things I have made recently.  I saw this fabric a few weeks ago & I loved the colors for Jarrett!  I think he looks good in turquoise blues & orange.  I'm really proud of how the pants turned out (considering they were the first ones I've ever made!)  I fully lined them & everything!  I think I am getting better & better at sewing the more I do it.
I also made him this precious Turquoise Blue monster shirt!  I love how it turned out :) The blue minky is so soft!

I think he liked it :)  I can also make these shirts with a red monster & a long sleeved lime green shirt! 
This was a custom order for my BFF Kristin.  She wanted something to go with the orange polka dot pants that she bought from Kellys Kids, but she didn't want it to be related to a holiday.  SO, this is what I came up with.  Then, I made her youngest son a monster shirt.  I changed him up a bit from the last one I did.  I love the monster shirts!  Jarrett wears his over & over & over.
I appreciate all the support & please go by & "LIKE" Bon Bon's Boutique.  

My twin sister Becky will be doing a giveaway for a FREE pumpkin shirt on her blog soon, so go check her out! 


  1. i'm very proud of you Bonnie Brown - keep up the AMAZING work :)

  2. Super cute stuff! Wow, I can't believe you made those pants! I love that girly initial shirt. Well, all of it is just adorable! :)

  3. I love that blue and turquoise outfit! Jarrett just looks absolutely ADORABLE! I almost can't handle it! haha Great job!

  4. You are amazing!!
    I am in love with all of it..and oh my word..I LOVE that orange and pink fabric...if you could only make an elmo out of it...haha!

  5. Great job! That is awesome stuff. Love the logo.

  6. Bonnie, it's been forever. So glad to find your blog--through your sis's blog.

    How do you make these cute collages?

    Love all of the stuff you are making. So cute and creative.

    Hope you are doing well!!!