Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Beginnings...

Gosh, I know it's been a long time since I posted on here.  These last few months have been SO hard.  I honestly felt like for the past few years I have blogged about having a perfect little family... and now I don't have that anymore.  I have learned a few things in the past few months:

1.  Family is EVERYTHING to me.  Without them, I don't know if I would've made it.  Thank you Mom, Dad & Nannie.  You have always supported me through thick & thin - and I LOVE you for that.  I've also learned there is NO family like YOUR family. 

2.  Addiction is a horrible thing to see someone you love go through & watch them lose everything because of it.

3.  Packing up an entire house by yourself with a toddler is exhausting in so many ways.  I'm still wondering how I managed to do it & work full-time.  It's because of #4...

4.  Friends are the glue to your sanity when you have no family near (Angie).

5.  Starting over after over 8 years with someone is hard & it hurts your heart.  Time heals everything, right?  Lets just hope so.

6.  Being a single mom is tough.  I now have to change every diaper, give every bath, wash all his clothes, feed him, do the dishes, give him breathing treatments, tell him "NO" 100 times a day!...But, my baby is my life & what keeps me going.

7.  A good attorney is hard to find.  Especially in Vegas.  Mine is HORRIBLE!!!

8.  Leaving a job & co-workers you loved & starting one that isn't as great makes you value those relationships even more.

9.  It is nice to see old friends again & realize the hometown you grew up in, really isn't that bad! ;) 

Needless to say, I am happy to be back home around family & friends.  Thank you for all the prayers & thoughts for me & Jarrett.  I want to keep blogging so I can document Jarrett's life & I guess our NEW adventures together - just the two of us.  I know I am strong & I can do this.  

I also wanted to share a few pictures of me & Jarrett before we left Vegas.  A couple of them were on our Christmas card.  Me & my friend Angie went out to Calico Basin & took these pictures ourselves.  I think they turned out pretty well!

Thanks for stickin' with me friends...I'll be back soon! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I just wanted to write a quick post on here & say that I plan on starting to blog again soon :)  Thank you for all your prayers, kind words & support.  The last few months have been really tough, but I am so Thankful to have such a wonderful support system of family & friends around me.  Jarrett & I have moved safely back to Arkansas & are VERY happy to be back!  I miss blogging & I want to be able to write down my memories of Jarrett & share them with you.  

Here is our Christmas card for this year:

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS & we will catch up with you soon! 

<3 Bon

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love and Support

If you feel called to do so Bonnie and Jarrett would great appreciate any prayers.  It's going to be very expensive to move back home and start over as a single Mom.  We ask for prayers and love during this time.  Thank you for all your love and support!

You can leave kind words of encouragement for Bonnie and Jarrett :)
Email: bonniembrown@gmail.com

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Delivery

My soul sister Angie came by my work last week at closing & was so excited b/c she said our friend Kelly found out what she was having that day.  Kelly, Angie & I all have boys around the same age & we are all really close.  I've said before... I'm SO Thankful for the wonderful friends I've made here in Vegas.  I don't know what I would without them!  Anyways, Kelly had gone to her doctor's appointment by herself & didn't want to find out without her hubby.  So, she had the nurse put the ultrasound picture in an envelope, seal it & Kelly delivered the results to Angie.   Angie & I were the only ones that knew what Kelly was having & we got to baking a gender reveal cake!  I know her little boy Deegan loves Elmo, so I thought of the cake saying "Elmo says Boy or Girl?"  Angie decorated it & our colors didn't turn out perfect (probably my fault, ha!), but I still think it looked really cute!  We didn't get finished with the cake until around 10:00-10:30 PM & I wish we could've finished it sooner b/c Kelly wanted to cut into the cake over Skype with her family & hubby that night.  Kelly had to go to bed, but Angie & I still went & made "The Delivery" of the cake ;)  Kel asked us to leave it in her hubby's car, so that's what we did!
And, with Kelly's permission, she said I could post the reveal video!  Watch below to see if she will be having a BOY OR GIRL!?!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing with Friends

We had a good visit with a lot of old friends that we haven't seen in a long time (or in my case, had never met until that day!)  Well, me & my friend Angie decided we wanted to go see the doctor that delivered BOTH of our babies.  Now, me & Angie didn't meet until after we had our boys.  We were really disappointed when we got there & he wasn't working.  But, we did get a few pictures with "grandma" & she gave the boys juice & crackers :)  She spoiled them rotten just like a grandma!  I love the pose Jarrett is giving in the lower, left corner.  This kid loves to have pictures taken of himself.  He cracks me up!
The below pictures are with Nurse Rebecca.  I know she had worked with us before & I thought she was the nurse that told us what we were having.  I was shocked when she came up to me & said "Hey Bonnie!  How are you doing!?"  I couldn't believe she remembered my name after almost 2 years!  I felt bad, because I had to look at her nametag to get hers.  She is SO sweet & a wonderful nurse.  We all love her & it was so cool getting to see the nurse that told us what were having again :)
 Looking at this picture brought tears to my eyes today.  This is Jarrett & his buddy Deegan.  I had gotten a few pictures of the boys last week when we went to a playdate at my friend Christine's house.  The top picture was from over a year ago & our boys are SO TINY!!!  Where has time gone?  
 We hung out with our pals Gracyn & his mama Angie.  We got the boys a little splash park/pool thing.  At Target, all of their pools & pool related items are 75% off!  They are having huge sales right now.  I also got a BEAUTIFUL rug that was usually $199 marked down to $49.98.  I LOVE the rug & its so nice Jarrett doesn't have to play on the hard floor all the time.  Anyways, here are the boys playing in the pools - SANS PANTS.
 Here are a bunch of pictures from our playdate at Auntie Christine's.  She babysitt's 3 kids in our mommy's group.  It's nice to know someone you know well & are friends with is watching your child!  All of the kids had a good time playing with each other.  I think Jarrett was more focused on feeding others instead of himself.  Deegan was the best eater of all!  I think you could probably put anything in front of that kid & he would eat it. 

We had a good couple of days off.  Jason is leaving Wednesday for his best friends wedding in Florida & he won't be back until Sunday.  Just me & the BUB.  Hopefully I can get a LOT of cleaning done b/c my house is a wreck!  Have a good Monday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I have a Logo! And some new stuff in da' shop!

What do you think about the logo my sister made me for my Facebook & Etsy store page?  I've decided to keep Bon Bon's Boutique & my friend is going to keep hers.  We decided that was probably the best way to go for now :)  
I also wanted to share with ya'll a few things I have made recently.  I saw this fabric a few weeks ago & I loved the colors for Jarrett!  I think he looks good in turquoise blues & orange.  I'm really proud of how the pants turned out (considering they were the first ones I've ever made!)  I fully lined them & everything!  I think I am getting better & better at sewing the more I do it.
I also made him this precious Turquoise Blue monster shirt!  I love how it turned out :) The blue minky is so soft!

I think he liked it :)  I can also make these shirts with a red monster & a long sleeved lime green shirt! 
This was a custom order for my BFF Kristin.  She wanted something to go with the orange polka dot pants that she bought from Kellys Kids, but she didn't want it to be related to a holiday.  SO, this is what I came up with.  Then, I made her youngest son a monster shirt.  I changed him up a bit from the last one I did.  I love the monster shirts!  Jarrett wears his over & over & over.
I appreciate all the support & please go by & "LIKE" Bon Bon's Boutique.  

My twin sister Becky will be doing a giveaway for a FREE pumpkin shirt on her blog soon, so go check her out! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Did I spot a minion?!

Well, if you have been reading my blog - you know that one of Jarrett's FAVORITE movies is "Despicable Me".  He still LOVES "Monsters, Inc.", but DM is starting to catch up.  Its one of those movies we watch over...and over...and over.   My "play" buddy (aka. craft buddy) Angie's friend, Christie @ This and That Crafting made Jarrett this little minion hat & I think it turned out so cute!

 Cutest minion EVER.
My friend Angie is watching Jarrett 3 days a week now.  She has become one of my closest friends here.  **Thank you Jesus for giving me wonderful friends here in Vegas**  We have such a good time crafting together & I seem to focus more when I'm over at her house & were crafting together.  Plus, our boys play together & let us be (sometimes).  

Here are a couple of pictures that Angie sent over my phone today of the boys playing while I was at work.  I think Gracyn decided to take a ride in Jarrett's lap ;)  I started laughing so hard when I saw these pics!  They are so cute together!  I LOVE THESE BOYS!
 I also met up with an old friend Carol from college last week.  We went to Trivoli Village.  I was a little disappointed in this place because I got Jarrett dressed up to play in the splash pad & it was closed down.  Also, it seems like maybe the area is still developing & didn't have a lot in the shopping center.  But, we had a great lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille & it was so great to see a familiar face from back home!  Carol is due with a baby girl on December 4th.  I can't wait to make her something!  Isn't Carol so pretty?  I've always thought she was so beautiful!
Okay, time to hit the hay...have a great day!

Friday, September 2, 2011




Thursday, September 1, 2011

Office Birthdays = FREE CAKE!!!

We celebrated my co-worker Amanda's Birthday the other day.  I am really lucky that I love the people I work with.  I have a great co-worker & an awesome boss.  I actually enjoy going to work, even though some days can be pretty crazy.  I guess just like any job, sometimes you have your slow days & then some days you have are just "go, go, go".  I've been at my new job for 6 months now & I really love it!  

Sandie, Amanda & Me posing with the cake :)  I picked out Amanda's cake because I know she loves roses!

 Amanda strikin' a pose with her cake!  Ha ha...
All of the posse at work.  We always like Birthdays because we get cake, ice cream & usually lunch!
 Hopefully Sandie won't kill me for posting this pic, but Amanda was saying "Get a candid picture of Sandie".  So, I did...the woman is addicted to texting!  We all <3 her!
Today is my Friday....going to TRY & get some stuff done!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I met up with my mommy's group at a splash pad here in Vegas.  This was the first time I had taken Jarrett to one.  We had tried to go to the one in Town Square before, but the day we went it was shut down.  To say my child had a fantastic time is such an understatement.  HE WENT NUTS!  I couldn't even get his shoes on in time before he went running into the water.  He loves when I spray him with the shower head b/c we have a hand-held & I will take it & spray him with it.  I think this splash pad was like a giant shower head, ha!  He kept wanting to drink the water, gulp.  Maybe he just likes the feel of the water hitting his mouth?  I don't know, but he had a GREAT time!  We definitely need to take him again before the weather gets cooler. 
 "I LOVE HE WATER!!!"  He was so cute b/c his lips were quivering, but he didn't care.  He went back again & again into the water.  He is so funny!
 Jarrett got to hang out with some of his best buds - Gracyn, Deegan & Harry.  They all had so much fun!
This kid has NO fear of the water...
Here is a little video of Jarrett at the splash pad:

I had a sleepover with my friend Angie on Thursday night.  I got there later than I wanted b/c I had a doctor's appointment, but we stayed up & sewed.  Then got up & sewed some more.  Then we went to the splash pad later Friday night.  It was a good 2 days off for us.  Thanks for having us over Ang! <3  I got a few pictures of Jarrett & Gracyn playing together.  Starting tomorrow (Monday) Angie is going to watch Jarrett.  I think it will be so good for the both of them to have each other for the social interaction. I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends here in Vegas!  I don't know what I would do without them, living so far away from my family.  They are like my family here. 
These are 2 of the burp cloths I made for a friend that is having a baby girl:
If you haven't already, please go by my Facebook page & "LIKE" Bon Bon's Boutique!  Thank you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time for a Pool Party!

On Saturday we had our Pool Party at the property I work at.  We had a really good turnout & it was a lot of fun!  It is always nice to get together with the people you worked with to find a home.  We had a really cool DJ that rocked the place out, a wonderful donation of pizza's from Grimaldi's Pizzeria & other donations of giftcards to giveaway to our residents.  Overall, I think it was a success :)

Here is my boss Sandie (she is super cool!), moi, my sweet co-worker Amanda & our regional Margarette.  We are all strikin' a pose ;)
Here's a few random pictures I took at the pool party.  The DJ we had was so awesome!  If you ever need a DJ in Las Vegas, I recommend "DJ Kenny".

 Jason came & brought Jarrett.  It's nice to be able to see my baby during the work day.  I love him SO much!  And, thanks honey for spending your day off to bring him & come see me! <3
 One of my best friends here, Angie & her husband Bill & little boy Gracyn all came to the party too.  Angie is my beloved crafting buddy.  And, Gracyn is one of Jarrett's BFF's.  Jarrett has started talking a lot like Gracyn & it is so funny.  They usually play really well together.
 We are going to be having a few changes around here.  Mila (Jarrett's babysitter since he was born & I went back to work) is no longer going to be able to watch him.  We are SO sad about this, but will still go visit her as much as we can.  On the other hand, Jarrett is going to be seeing Gracyn a lot more, because Angie is going to be watching him 3 days a week!  I'm so excited that Jarrett will be able to have that social interaction & I'll get to see my friend almost every day!  (this may be a good or bad thing...I might get stuck over there b/c our crafty brains could think of things forever) 

I think we are going to try & open a store online together.  We need to come up with a name for our store?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  If we choose your suggested name, there MIGHT be a prize involved! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!