Friday, August 5, 2011

I had to post this, because it was too funny!

My sweet baby fell asleep on the floor like this!  With my bra on his head & my shirt on his back.  He looked so funny, that I HAD to snap a couple pics.  Hope ya'll have a good night!


  1. ha! that is too funny! Hope y'all are doing well! : )

  2. Now the question is:

    A)Was he running around with these and wore himself out?

    B) Does he get things out of the drawers/off the bed/out of the closet and play hide and seek?

    C)Or were you playing catch and someone just got too tired :)

    SOOOOOO precious!

  3. That is TOO FUNNY!! I love blogs for exactly this reason - where else would you document this kind of thing? Thanks for making my morning better! :-)

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  5. omg, looove!!

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  7. Love it! Your shirts are looking great by the way