Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gettin' my SEW on!

 I have been SEW busy lately!  ;)  It is really fun to have a creative outlet again.  I've always loved art & using the right side of my brain more than my left.  Me & my friend Angie have been getting together a lot to get our sew on, or "play" as she calls it!  I am making some Halloween shirts right now & doing a few custom orders.  I am enjoying myself a lot!  I am hoping that I can make a little extra money off doing this, because I need to pay for my hobby, ha ha!  I will post a few more Halloween designs as I get them done.  I opened a Facebook page for my items.  If you would like to own one of these pretties, please visit:  Bon Bon's Boutique on Facebook.  If you are looking for something specific, just let me know & I'd love to do a custom order for you.  You can e-mail me at:  BONNIEMBROWN@GMAIL.COM

My designs for a Boy & Girl custom pumpkin Halloween shirt.  I think they turned out so cute:
(Custom Boy or Girl Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkin T-shirt. - $22 (add ruffle +$2) (shipping +$3)
 Custom Boy Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkin T-shirt. - $22 (shipping +$3):
 Custom Girl Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkin T-shirt. - $22 (add ruffle +$2) (shipping +$3):
 I made this for a lady that I met last week.  I just happened to have the owl onesie (see below) with me & she asked me to do this custom order for her sister who is having a baby girl within a week.  Whatcha think?  I made the bow too!
Custom order. Princess onesie & matching bow/headpiece. - $25 (+$3 shipping)
Just bow/clip - $4, w/ headband - $5 
Owl applique onesie or T-shirt - $22 (shipping +$3):
 I made this onesie & burp cloth set for a girl in my mommy's group.  I love the Applique Font :)
Onesie & Burp Cloth Applique set - $40 (add ruffle +$2) (shipping +$3)
(let me know if you have specific colors or a theme that you want)
Please contact me or message me on Facebook if you would like a Halloween shirt or custom order!


  1. Super cute cute stuff!! How much are your Halloween shirts? I'd love those for Jazzy & Cruz.

  2. Super Creative Bonnie! I would love to join in on a craft night...

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  4. Very cute stuff Bonnie! YOU are so creative :)

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