Monday, August 15, 2011

Chattin' & Bouncin'

Well, this rascal is getting into EVERYTHING these days & wants to touch just about everything he isn't supposed to touch.  Why is it that no matter how many kid toys you buy, they still want your things - & somehow seem to destroy them.  Anyways, Jarrett's favorite thing is talking on the phone.  He loves to talk to his Nana :)  This boy GRAVITATES towards electronics.  He makes the silliest faces.  I'll try to post a video of him talking on the phone soon.  It is so funny!  He gets SO into it - with hand movements & facial expressions too.  
Here he is talking to his Nana last night:
A while back I got a message on Facebook from a guy me & Becky graduated from High School with.  I didn't know him that well, but I knew who he was.  We had a big graduating class.  Well, it turns out he lives in Vegas now too with his wife & 3 year old son...and, they live only 3 miles from us!  It's a small world, huh?  Well, he asked if I would like to meet up with him, his wife & little boy at BouncU in Henderson last Thursday & I did.  We had such a great time & it was cool to reconnect with someone from High School & make a new friend - his wife!  Laura is really sweet & so is her little boy, Chaz.  We live so close to each other!  I'm so glad her hubs messaged me & we got to meet up.  I am trying to get Laura to come sew with me & my friend Angie.  I think we would all have fun sewing & crafting with our boys.  
Here are a few pictures from BounceU.  Me, Laura, Jarrett & Chaz.  We tried out this Hurricane simulator & it was cool!  It especially felt good on such a hot day in Vegas.  Jarrett wasn't scared inside it at all & actually really liked it.
 My little J-bug jumpin' & playin' around:

Me & Jarrett playing at BounceU.  He is getting so big.  I can't stand it.  Where has my tiny baby gone? 

I also added the Halloween shirts to my Etsy store & a link on my right sidebar.  I also added the prices in my post below.  If I could, I would make everyone a shirt for free.  But, I have to pay for the materials & my time to make them, so I'm sorry but I gotta start chargin' :(  I'm hoping that word will spread & people will really love the shirts I make for their Kid-O's.  I'm trying to get my sis to do a giveaway on her blog soon.  This is a fun side job to do in my spare time & I'll share more items I do as I create them!  Plus, I'll share my friend Angie's too.  She is my crafting buddy & we have become GREAT friends.  I feel like she is a long, lost sister :)  Our boys are only a few months apart, so they play while we sew.  It's nice to have a friend to craft & spend time with!


  1. What a small, small world! That's so cool you guys met up and had a great time :) So happy for you!
    Also, the tshirts are real cute! I'm sure once word gets out, you'll be selling a lot.
    Hope you have a great week :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing! :) Have a great week!

  3. I love the little kids. They are so charming. And everyone looks so happy as well.

    Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons