Monday, August 1, 2011

Jarrett has a Famous Foot!

So, one of my best friends here (Kelly) works for Pediped Kids Shoes  in Las Vegas.  If you haven't heard of them or checked them out, you totally should!  They have a store here in Vegas also.  They make some of the cutest kids shoes I've ever seen.  Pediped Shoes are designed for infants and toddlers as the "next best thing to bare feet".  Please go by & check out their website or Facebook page & show them some love.  They have some of the cutest kids shoes around - AND they promote healthy foot development!  They use high-quality materials and carefully craft the shoes so that they are comfortable and supportive for growing little feet.  Who knows?  Maybe someday they'll let me do a giveaway! ;)
Anyways, Kelly asked me if I could bring Jarrett down to their office last Thursday because they needed a few baby models to take pictures of their new fall shoes.  I got permission that I could show you Jarrett's new Famous Foot!  Ha Ha!  Here it all its glory:

I think he did really good & that's a pretty darn good pose for a 19 month old to show off those shoes!  (but, maybe I'm biased?)  LOL!  I hope when they have another catalog shoot, we can get Jarrett into one of those, so his face is actually showing.  Because I think he has a pretty darn cute face too :)  Is it bad that I'm wanting to get him into baby modeling?  Has anyone ever done it?

Here is Jarrett hanging out at the Pediped office, putting on his new shoes.  I tried to get a shot of Jarrett & Deegan together....Yeah, it just wasn't going to happen!
 This is one of Jarrett's little girlfriends.  Her name is Kassandra.  I don't think she liked how clingy Jarrett was to her, ha ha!  He was so sweet though!  First Love???
Thanks Kelly for inviting us & giving us this opportunity!  We will keep this ad & put it in his baby book to show him one day about his "famous foot" :)


  1. how cool!!

    and he would be such a grea model!

  2. Aw, that's awesome that he got to model and I love those shoes!!

  3. He is so cute. I am visting LV in a couple of weeks. Where is there a pediped store? If you would not mind me asking. Thank you.

  4. Cool!! And what a great little model you have!

  5. Jarrett - you're a natural! That is such a great pose!

    What fun! :-)

  6. thanks for bringing j and telling everyone about how cool pediped shoes are!!

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  8. How fun! I got Tessa into baby modeling a few months ago. At first I felt weird about it, but college is REALLY expensive, and she LOVES the camera, so we have fun with it! She did a shoot for Baby GAP's summer line and just did a Halloween shoot yesterday! It really is a lot of fun. If you decide to get Jarrett into it and have to come to LA for castings, let me know! We'll probably be there, too!

  9. My best friend's little brother was on a billboard once. I still remember both of our families driving out specifically to go see his baby butt on a billboard. It's seems silly, but I think this is definitely the type of thing that's going to be fun to remember down the line!