Friday, July 22, 2011

19 Months Old

I can't believe my baby is 19 months old!  (I'm a couple days late)  Yesterday I took these pictures of Jarrett playing outside & this is my favorite one.  I filled a bucket of water up & brought out some of his bath toys.  He stayed entertained for about an hour!  It was on the back porch & in the shade.  It was probably around 107 degrees here in Vegas yesterday, so it was nice to play with some water.  

My mom was here & able to go to Jarrett's 18 month check-up with us.  Here are a few of his current stats:

Weight:  25.4 lbs.
Height:  32 1/2 inches
Size Diaper:  4
Clothes Size:  24 months - 2T
Shoe Size: 6
How many teeth:  11
Favorite Food:  Probably cereal & he loves Popsicles or Pop Ice.  We have really got to work on this.  He is a very picky eater & he is still drinking out of a bottle.  We have been working on the sippy cup, but he still doesn't want to use it!  He will drink water out of it sometimes, but milk he still likes in a bottle. 
Favorite things to do:  Talk on the cell phone, Skype, play chase, play with Legos, read books & push ANY kind of buttons!
Words you are saying:  "No"- ALL THE TIME.  We really need to stop saying this to him, but it is so hard.  He is into EVERYTHING! "Mama", "Dada", "Nose".  I think he is having a little bit of confusion with some words.  His babysitter speaks Spanish & we speak English.  The pediatrician said it might take him a little longer to speak actual words & sentences.  He is talking all the time in what we like to call "Baby Spanglish".
Memorable Moment of the Month:  Nana coming to visit us!  
Other Memorable Things:  You are such a snuggler.  You are kind of a "cling-on" to your mommy right now.  I love it & hate it at the same time.  It is hard when I would like to take a break, because you have a complete meltdown when I leave the room.  But, I think after a few minutes you are fine.  It is only when you see ME.  You love to play with my cell phone (sigh) & my keys.  You will walk to the front door & you know exactly where the keys go.  I love when I come home & you give me a BIG hug!  I miss you so much during the day, but value the time we have together at home so much.

 Nana & Jarrett at his check-up:
Playing outside in the water:
 We also got out the bubble gun & he always tries to catch them with his mouth:
 He really needs a haircut, but I'm debating on whether to grow it out or cut it.  What do you think?  I think it sometimes looks like "Twilight hair", ha ha!


  1. he is SO sweet!

    if your getting sick of no..say "stop" with the sign language helped is out!

  2. I think his hair looks REALLY cute. =) I'm not really into shaggy hair on boys, but his still look so sweet...what a little doll. It's so hot here in Texas too!

  3. I love his red hair! So adorable!

  4. I love his hair! I say, don't cut it unless it gets in his face and eyes! (or becomes too mullet-like!)
    Have you tried drinking from a straw, yet? We have a couple of kids cups from restaurants and some from Tupperware that have lids with straw holes in them. He may like that, but you have to really keep your eyes on him at first, since a straw makes a great poking object and is good for squirting liquid all over!

  5. Those are such cute pictures!! That's awesome that he's learning Spanish!
    You should leave his hair long.. shaggy hair is SO cute on little boys! :)

  6. He is just too cute! He reminds me so much of Cannon - the 'cling-on' and the bottle and the love of the water! And I think his hair is so cute - of course I am biased about little boys with shaggy/wild hair - Cannon's is out of control - ha!

  7. These pictures are fantastic. His hair is so cute and of course, his eyes are gorgeous! That first picture is really awesome.

  8. It took both my twins A LONG time to get the hang of sippy cups too!!!!!

  9. Jarrett is SO CUTE! I can't believe he's 18 months old already!
    Glad your Mom was here. I'm sure you guys had a blast with her...that's great!