Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Night at the Opera

Okay, so I am FINALLY on here & I'm going to start posting updates from when my mom came to visit.  I have been so busy at work & Jarrett is going through a horrible stage of where he wants CONSTANT attention.  I swear, if I TRY to get on my laptop, he'll crawl up into my lap & try to lay over it or slam it shut.  The power cord is already not working right on it anymore, arrrghhh!  It feels like everytime I open my computer, within 5 minutes I'm  having to close it because he is screaming for attention!
ANYWAYS, me & my mom went to see PHANTOM at The Venetian & it was SO good!  I remember seeing "Phantom of the Opera" as a movie on VHS a LONG time ago.  Maybe in the 80's?  So, I didn't really remember what the story was about.  One of the residents that lives at my property performs in the show.  She plays Princess Hannibal & is the understudy for Christine.  She got us AWESOME tickets in the orchestra section for a fraction of the price they would've normally been.  Thank you SO much Sarah!  She is the sweetest girl & totally made our night.  The most amazing thing is, after the show she met me & my mom out in the lobby.  Then, she took us backstage & showed us the dressing rooms, costumes, wigs, how all of the special effects worked, the props, a few of the other was so cool!  It made going to see this show even more spectacular.  I definitely want to go back & see it when Sarah is performing as Christine :)

Here is what the website says about Sarah on the Phantom website.  Isn't she so pretty?:
Phantom Las Vegas: Cast member: Sarah Elizabeth Combs
Sarah Elizabeth Combs
(Princess "Hannibal"/ Christine Understudy)
Sarah Elizabeth Combs (Princess “Hannibal”) is honored to make her Vegas debut and join the Phantom Cast!

Regional credits include: Sweeney Todd (Johanna), Oklahoma! (Laurey), Yeston/Kopit’s Phantom (Christine), Les Miserables (Cosette) and The Magic Flute (Queen of the Night).

Sarah studied voice at The Eastman School of Music, NY. Love and thanks to God, family and friends!

She is a doll & such a sweet friend to do all of that for me & my mom.  It is an experience we will never forget! 
Okay, onto our night together!  Me & mom started off getting matching pedicures.  We got "Phantom Red", ha ha!
Me & mom at my house before the show & in the Venetian in front of a huge poster:
 Me & mom holding our tickets ready to see the show!
Me & mom at the Canal Shoppes in The Venetian:
 There is a BEAUTIFUL waterfall in the hotel & we took a few photos in front of it:
 I just wanted to take a pictures of these, because they looked so delish!
 After the show we got to GO ON the stage that they perform on & take pictures from it!  Not many people get to do this & they pretty much forbid pictures being taken during the show.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to do this with my mom.  We loved it!  Pictures of me & mom with Sarah:
 And, me & mom on the stage by ourselves:
We had such a wonderful time & I hope my mom will come back to visit me again real soon.  Maybe next time we can try to catch Sarah playing as Christine.  Or, I might go by myself sometime to see her.  It is so bittersweet having your family come visit you when you live so far away.  We do Skype a lot, but its not the same.  It was so nice to have my mom here for over 2 weeks.  It seems like the time flew by & I know she wanted to get home to see my daddy.  Thank you for coming to see me mama & I love you so much!  

I have a few more posts to make from while mom was here.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on those soon as long as I don't get interrupted.  ***cough*** ;)


  1. WOW, how awesome!!! I'm so glad you were able to have so much time with your Mom!!

  2. amazing! glad you had such a wonderful time with your momma!