Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Playdate

 Yesterday we went to an Easter playdate at my friend Jamie's (From High Heels to Sneakers) house.  I met Jamie through blogging & we both live in Las Vegas!  She has 2 little boys & one is a few months younger than Jarrett.  I'm so glad I met her & she is such a sweet person!  So nice to finally be making good friends out here & ones that I have common interests with.  Well, I know we both enjoy blogging!  :D
Lil' J is getting better at walking:
Jamie's backyard was so amazing.  She has everything back there that a kid would want to play with - swing set, trampoline, pool & LOTS OF SPACE!  Better than the park IMO.
Jarrett LOVED swinging!  Look at that crazy hair.  Time for another haircut?
 Hunting for eggs:
 Jarrett & Deegan going through their eggs:
 Two of my best mommy pals ~ Kelly & Angie.  All of our boys are within a few months of each other.
 Mommy's having fun!  (kids too)  ;)

Thanks for having us over Jamie!  We had a great time & look forward to many more playdates together <3
Happy Easter!


  1. Great pictures! I love his little bunny outfit...too cute!

  2. I love Jarrett's bunny outfit! So cute!!

  3. He is so sweet in these pics i just can't stand it!!

    also..i will be skyping with you next haven't been able to and i am missing you!

  4. Awesome pics! So glad you gals had fun. I haven't even had time to go through the pics I took yet. Such is life! Hope all is well.