Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ugggghhhh, yesterday I was trying to fix Jarrett's changing table, so I took all of the baskets out & tipped it on its side.  The middle shelf was kind of falling through, so I was going to try & fix it.  I stepped out for ONE minute to walk down the hall to the laundry room & get some nails.  When I came back, Jarrett had Vaseline EVERYWHERE!  He was going crazy just dipping his hands in it & squishing the goo between his fingers.  I was appalled, but still had to grab my camera & take a photo of this madness.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the things he will do.  I got an e-mail from my BFF after I sent her these pics saying the following:

"U better put that camera down and teach him it's bad and not cute.... It's going to get ALOT worse!!!!
paint on the carpet
Trying to light matches
Pouring a gallon of milk on the floor
Permanent marker on walls & furniture
Food.... Pulling everything out..
In your make-up. it's costly to replace
Spraying hairspray and cleaners
Need I go on??

Telling u, IT'S COMING!!!!
Haha. Welcome to my world!"

Woo-hoo to fun times ahead!  ;)  This face looks SO innocent...
We are looking forward to going to church tomorrow b/c I don't have to work ~ YEAH!  And, then we are having lunch with Jason's family & swimming.  Sounds like a fun afternoon to me!  Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Hey Bonnie! I'm new to blogging and I was wondering how you make the edges of your pictures round? Also, how do you put them side by side? Collages? Sorry for all the questions! I love reading your blog and checking on baby Jarrett! He sure is cute! Email me @ Thanks! Happy Easter!

  2. Haha! Seriously welcome to mommy hood. Sophia has done that with a $20 container of lotion. And as far as that list goes she has done all except light matches. Lucky me to have such a smart, daring 1 yr old.:)

  3. The pictures of his hands covered in goo are so ridiculous. How can you not laugh and want to document the situation. I'm sure I would have reacted in just the same way.

  4. wow what a mess! your lucky he didn't put it in his mouth and swallow it. he could get REALLY sick. whenever i leave deegan in his bedroom and i have to walk out, i always throw him in his crib.

  5. o.m.g.

    poor experimenting boy!!

    glad you got to go to Easter service!

  6. What a mess!!! And sadly - it does get worse. When my stepson was little he got into the vaseline and coated everything in his room - yuck! Can only imagine the fun times ahead of me now with Cannon! Despite all that mess - Jarrett is just adorable :)

  7. Happy Easter sweet friend!! I'm glad you got the day off from work...I hope you had a really nice time.

    The pictures of Jarrett with Vaseline everywhere is just priceless!

  8. What a mess!!! It's amazing what they can get into and how quickly they can do it!!

  9. That is SO funny! Hadlea is in to everything, but thankfully no messes, YET!

  10. WOW!! That is hysterical. I could not believe the mess! And he's so cute in it :)
    Praying for you.