Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I had SOOOO many pictures from Christmas & I tried to collage them all to condense them down. I realize I used a few pictures twice in the collages b/c I couldn't keep up with them all!

The best gift of all was being able to spend the holiday with my family. I miss Arkansas & my family so much. I am not opposed to moving back someday. We will just see where life takes us & it will all depend on jobs in the future. For right now, we will be living in Las Vegas at least until 2013. I would love to move to Dallas/Ft. Worth near my sister or back to Arkansas someday. One can only dream...

These pictures are from when I just got to mom & dad's & we sat Jarrett & Connor down together: & I got to see my sidder!

I got so many nice things for Christmas. Me & Becky took our spots on the hearth. We've sat there since we were little kids :) Nannie also got stockings for Jarrett & Connor with their names monogrammed on them.


The boys LOVE their Nana & Poppy!

These were taken on Jarrett's Birthday morning. Isn't my mama pretty?

I love the picture of mom & Nannie with the boys in the window. My Aunt Karli & Uncle Gary had just pulled up & we were all excited they had just gotten there!

Our neighbor has been giving us sugar cookies for years & they are THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Becky & I have been asking her for the recipe for as long as I can remember & the woman won't tell! Maybe that's a good thing, but those cookie did not last long.

We went to visit Papa's grave & decorate it for Christmas. I know my Papa would have LOVED our boys so much & would've taken them fishing & played with them all day long. It makes me sad to think that he is no longer here with us, but I know he is no longer sick & with Jesus having the best celebration ever in heaven!

Me & my sweet angel on Christmas day:

Snuggling with Poppy:

Jason hasn't been back to Arkansas since we moved to Las Vegas over 3 years ago. And, he hadn't seen his dad's side of the family since then. It was so great we got to spend the evening with them one night. Even though it wasn't for as long as we would've liked, I'm glad we got to go by & see his dad & Aunt.

At the airport on our way home!

We had a wonderful Christmas & trip home to see our families. We are so thankful to have families that love us & support us when we need them. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


  1. love this! so glad you got to go home for Christmas and that Becky could too. I'm sure that was so special! Glad y'all had a great first Christmas with your beautiful boys!

  2. Oh, I am just SOOO happy you got to go home for Christmas!!
    Hehe..J's monster jammies..sooo him :)

    You got your boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE THIS POST....such sweet pics!!

  3. Aww, I love photos of grandparents with their little ones - your parents look so happy! Great photos from what looks like a wonderful holiday!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas!!! Sounds like it was just perfect!! Love all the pics :)

  5. both of the boys are so precious! looks like y'all had such a lovely time!

  6. What a fun Christmas! I love Connor's modesty in the bath tub picture! Jarrett's eyes seem to get brighter and brighter with every post. He's such a cute lil' guy!