Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FLASHBACK: My First Birthday

Actually, I guess it is mine AND Becky's first Birthday. Since we have shared EVERYTHING together our whole life :) When I was home over the holidays I found our first Birthday pictures & I thought I would share them. I think Jarrett looks more like me after seeing these photos, but his head is rounder. What do you think? I had curls like Becky's, but right before my first Birthday I had surgery & they shaved off all my hair. BOO. I love the photo with my Papa too.

Our first Birthday cake. Nannie & Mom with me & Becky blowing out the candles.

I scanned these pictures in also. This is right before I had my surgery (for my shunt) & I think Jarrett's hair looks like mine when I was little! I also think he has my eyes.

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  1. He totally looks like you!! How fun, such great memories!

  2. OH MY GOSH Bonnie...he looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU! Very cute pictures :)
    I also enjoyed the other previous posts with the pictures of you and your awesome family while you were back home. SO CUTE!!
    I'm so glad you had such a great time!

  3. Wow!!! There really is a resemblence of the two of you!! Isnt it the neatest thing to compare baby pics??? Everyone says my daughter looks just like her daddy...but when they see my baby pics...they change their minds pretty quickly...hehehe!

  4. omg!!!
    yes..he does have your sweet curls :)
    i love this!
    i think i have ONE pic from my first b-day..my parents suck at getting pics..lol..i think that may be why i am such a huge picture taker!

    I think he looks much more like you now!!!

    Um..what does a shunt do?

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