Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween of the past

Tiffany @ SITS blog is giving away a Canon Rebel T2i & I had to enter to win this baby!

She is asking that we post about our favorite Halloween. Although, this year was Jarrett's first Halloween, it didn't turn out quite as we planned. I did have fun this year b/c I had a baby to enjoy the Holiday with, but my favorite Halloween is probably when I met my hubby. One of our first dates was when we went out with our friends for Halloween. And, look at us now! We will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this Friday, November 5th. Winning this camera would be an AWESOME present :D

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of us together on that Halloween. But, I do have a picture of us individually.

Me & my sister used to work at the same place back then. Here is a picture of us on Halloween 2003. Gosh, that seems like so long ago!
Jason & his blonde wig. We both went as Renaissance people.
Fun times. I'm so glad I met him & now we have a beautiful baby together! I can't believe its already been almost 6 years!
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  1. hahaha..that pic of him is hilarious..he would fit right in..hahaha.omg!!

    woo hoo SIX years!!

  2. Thanks for posting to I love the site!

    Happy Red Cup Day!