Thursday, November 4, 2010

Silly Faces

Jarrett makes some of the silliest faces! He gets so hyped up watching the TV shows he likes. We were watching Monsters Inc again tonight & he would get really excited watching it.
Playing on the blankies on the floor. I'm trying to get him to stand by himself, but no luck yet.
Where's my missing sock!?!
Mommy, I want to roll all over you!
I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I worked 5 extra hours of overtime this week. So, that will be nice on my upcoming check. I need all the extra money I can get with Christmas coming up, Jarrett's Birthday & of course, bills, bills, bills!!! Hopefully I can work more overtime in the future. The only thing is, I don't get to spend that time with little J. I just keep telling myself, "You gotta do, whatcha gotta do". Things will get better someday.


  1. the faces!!! We love Monsters,! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  2. pretty baby eyes....I can't wait to see you soon! I LOVE YOU!

  3. He really is such a doll! Gorgeous eyes!

  4. What a sweet sweet baby boy - and his eyes - wow! Such a cutie! I totally know what you mean about enjoying the extra money but hating the fact it takes time away from your precious little boy. I just finished a huge project for work - looking forward to the paycheck but hating that it took time away from my babies :( But you are right - it WILL get better :)