Friday, October 22, 2010

A night of Ghost & Goblins with my lil' man

Tonight I had planned on meeting a couple of other mommy's at the Clark County "Ghost & Goblins" event, but one of them had car trouble & couldn't make it & the other one I totally missed while being there. I'm not going to name any names *cough* DANYELLE ;) Ha, Ha! I really wish I could've met her & her girls b/c we've been e-mailing back & forth, but have never met in person. We'll meet again another day! If you live in Las Vegas, you should totally follow her blog. She has a Las Vegas events blog for kids. Click HERE to visit her blog!

Even though it was just me & my little man, we had a good time walking around. Jarrett had his photo taken as a memento. He is such a cutie pie!
Me & Jarrett before we left. Look at that smile!
We took a walk down Heritage Street to Trick-Or-Treat & got some candies. I also entered Jarrett in the costume contest, but he didn't win. BOOOOOO! He totally should've. One of the judges even stood up & mouthed "I'm sorry little sock monkey" like she wanted him to win! That made me feel a little better.
Tents were set up with festival games, but Jarrett is way to young to participate in the games. There was also a haunted train & a maze:
Right when we walked up to the first Costume contest, a little girl won for the most "unique" costume. Of course, I begged her for a picture b/c we all know my sister is obsessed with Starbucks.

When we got home Jarrett was knocked out!
We had a fun night... just me & my lil' man.
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  1. Looks like a GREAT and FUN time with your little man! It was too funny and cute about the Starbucks girl - Good to see she was a good sport and let you take her picture! xoxoxo

  2. What a wonderful night!!! He looks so precious....smiling... and all crashed out! We are taking Presley to a Halloween festival next Friday and I can't wait.

  3. can't believe he didn't win!! he's the cutest sock monkey ever!!!