Friday, October 22, 2010

MaMa Sewing Class

Wednesday night I got together with a few of the mom's in my mama group & we decided to sew. Anna was the only one there that really knew anything about sewing. I have had a machine, but it hasn't been touched in I swear, 5 years! I took a clothing construction class in college, but that was 10 years ago & I didn't even remember how to thread the machine. I would love to be able to make things for my home & Jarrett. I wanted to learn how to sew again so bad & I think this was a good start. I do know how to thread my machine now. I think we plan on meeting up again in the future. Maybe next time we'll make stockings? I want to make Jarrett a Sock Monkey Stocking! (of course)

This is my fancy bag I made. I did 4 ruffles in the front. It was sorta cute, but needed to be constructed a little better. My bobbin kept getting knotted on the bottom & my seems were loose.
This is Tammy & she is so sweet! She is expecting a baby girl right around the time I was due with Jarrett.
This is Courtney & Anna. Both such fun girls & I really like them a lot. Courtney is so smart & she is like an open book. I feel like I can ask her anything & she'll know the answer to it! Both girls have 2 beautiful baby girls ~ McKenna & Sophia.
Kelly, don't think I forgot about you! I should've had my camera pulled out taking pics too. (Kelly was behind the camera taking pics, so I had to steal this one from her Facebook)
This is Kelly & her sweetie pie Deegan. He is one of Jarrett's good buds b/c they are so close in age.
After all that sewing, it was good to get home to my angel. I love holding him tight. He is my everything.
Also, I meant to post this the other day, but I FINALLY found some
Count Chocula! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!



  1. i'm jealious :( how fun!

    move to!

  2. I'd love to learn to sew...I'd love to sew some pillows, curtains and napkins...maybe someday :) Looks like you girls had tons of fun!

  3. How fun! I am not a seamstress, but would also love to learn! Maybe someone from my moms group will host an event like yours. Aren't moms groups the best!