Monday, October 25, 2010

Bite of Las Vegas 2010

Jason & I had a great time at the Bite of Las Vegas this year. This was our first time going. "Bite" is an event they have where a bunch of local restaurants & vendors can come & serve food. There are a bunch of bands that play. This year they had: , M, , , , & ,There were a lot of ladies from my Mommy's group there & we ended up hanging out with them all day. I really love some of the girls in my group! It was a beautiful day to sit outside & enjoy food, friends, music & FUN!

Me & Jarrett in front of the bouncy houses:
Our best buds, Kelly & Deegan! There was a Serendipity stand there & Kelly got the Cookies & Cream & I got the original Frozen Hot Chocolate. SO delish!
Jason got a Strawberry Snow Cone & Jarrett LOOOOVED it! I love that bottom picture b/c you can see his bottom 2 teeth coming in!
Some of the sweet babies ~ Deegan in his beanie hat, Lauren, Sophia & her mama Anna:
Some of the girls took their kids on a train ride. And, there are some more of our crazy mommy's! Sara Bereillis was on stage & it was getting cold. We decided to leave around 8-ish & missed Switchfoot. Boo! Maybe next year!
We had a great time! Thanks for a fantastic day everyone!


  1. We had a great time too! Love your picture collages!

  2. Looks like you had a really fun time!
    I've always wanted to go to Serendipity....I've heard their frozen hot chocolates are to die for! MMMMM!!
    PS-- Jarrett's two little teeth are sure cute :)

  3. So much fun! Really funny is I know a Kelly and her little guys name is Deegan too :)