Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm 10 months old today!

My baby boo is 10 months old today! He is growing so fast. I can't believe in 2 months we'll be celebrating his 1st Birthday. Actually, we are having his party in Vegas on December 4th & we'll be in Arkansas on his actual Birthday - December 21st. I love this little booger so much! He is getting into EVERYTHING. He is doing well with crawling & will pull up on things & stand on his own. Jarrett is finally getting some bottom teeth in & he still loves to stick everything he can get his hands on in his mouth. He talks & laughs a lot. He is saying "Da-daaayyy" instead of "Mama" a lot more these days.

Can you see his teefers coming in?
My BIG boy! This shirt & pants is size 24 months, GULP.
I like to pull off my shoes :)
Me & my daddy!


  1. He is such a good mix of you and your hubs. I know . . where does the time go! And way to go cutting teeth buddy . . they are killer sometimes :) But look so cute when they are in!

  2. They grow up WAY too fast! 10 months already! I think he looks a lot like his daddy!

  3. Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up?? Time flies by way too fast! Wow - he is a big boy - my daughter is huge too - she has been wearing size 5T for about 6 months now - and she is just about to turn 3 years old.

  4. too precious!!

    lol..he looks like a wild one!

  5. Hi Bonnie, it has been awhile since I left a comment...I wanted to stop by and say Hello, and your little man gets cuter everyday!!! Happy Early Halloween

  6. Happy 10 months to your little man!