Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winter Dreams

It's in the 70's all week in Vegas. I know it will not get super cold here like it does in the South where were from & I seriously doubt we'll get snow, but we are having winter dreams lately. After a super hot summer, I'm ready for a few chilly days. I love nothing more than to get a cup of hot chocolate & snuggle up in a big down comforter & watch TV from my DVR. Now days, I love snuggling with my little buggie & watching Monsters, Inc. Ya'll...he LOVES that movie! We tried watching Finding Nemo & the shark scared him to death. What movies do your kids love?

My friend gave me some of the cutest clothes that belonged to her kids. This hat & outfit belonged to her boys. I think it is so cute, but Jarrett would NOT keep the hat on. He tried to take it off every chance he got. Still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
Then, he closed his hand in the laptop while we were Skyping with Poppy...
This little man is getting into EVERYTHING these days. GULP.


  1. omg..snow flakes..sigh!!!

    haha...the only movies t-a watches are girly ones!
    my nephew loooooves toy story and cars..

  2. Such a cute outfit!!

    Ryan is very much into Toy Story and Toy Story 2 right now, and they keep Logan's attention for a while too. We also watch Cars a lot, and anything Thomas the Train.

  3. Jarrett looks so cute in his nwe clothes! He cracks me up :)

  4. He is such a cutie!! I love the fun hat!

  5. Love the snowflake shirt and that hat - too cute! I hear ya on wanting cooler weather - my car said it was 91 here today...where is fall???

    Cannon loves anything with music - Backyardigans was a favorite for both my kids - would keep them glued to the tv the whole time!

  6. And the "getting into things" will NEVER END! (; Although, he has learned there are certain things (home decor for the most part) that he can't mess with so it gets a little easier