Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sorry, I'm a Busy Bee (& a question)

I just want to apologize for my lack of commenting/visiting other blogs lately. I know I have been slacking lately, but I have been so busy at work & I am trying to drag my booty to the gym 3 nights a week & spend as much time as possible with Jarrett! And, on Wednesday nights I have my Weight Watchers meetings. I appreciate all the friends that read our blog & I'll try to catch up with my reading this weekend!

I did have my weekly Weight Watchers meeting tonight & I only lost -0.6 lbs., but's not a gain! I've been doing an hour on the elliptical & when I come off the elliptical, I look like a sweaty, roasted, pink pig. Oh well, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm doing this for ME!!! I'm still trying to stay pumped up & I know that sometimes you just have a slower week. I felt like I was pretty good with my points. I'll post more on that tomorrow & maybe mention some more foods I like. Hopefully next week I'll do better. I'm trying really hard ya'll. I want to be a "hottie" when we get Jarrett's 1-year & family pictures in November. I want people to see our Christmas card & say "That's Bonnie!? She looks great!"

Well, a post can't be complete without pics of Lil' J. We have a little photo session almost every weekend. He is such a sweet pie!

Okay, so for my question. I need some input on what are some good tunes to listen to while working out? I love up-tempo Rock/Pop. I like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears & really just anything upbeat or what is popular at the moment. Can ya'll give me more ideas of what you like to listen to while working out & what you have on your ipod? Thank you!


  1. first off...i think you look great...i would love to be your size! But good for you for working out!

    I think I'm in love with J :) He's such a little doll!!!!

    And..I don't have an Ipod..LOL..I like allll music mix cds go from george jones to katy perry within 2's kind of crazy!!

  2. First of all, you are an inspiration, dear, because you're working out. I am not a fan of exercise at all (and I kind of need to be considering I committed myself to a 5K in October!).

    Second of all, you & Becky have quite possibly two of the cutest lil' guys I've ever seen (next to my Aidan, of course). :)

    Third...keep on keeping on!!! You ARE a hottie, woman!

  3. I love Sexy Chick by David Guetta. Also, you my check out anything by Pink - she has some new songs that are upbeat and that I love! I also love Carryout by Timbaland. Actually, I love most things by Timbaland - but some of the lyrics aren't exactly clean! ha! Hope that helps!

  4. I run to Lady Gaga, B. Spears, Metric, The Promise Ring, Alkaline Trio.

    Some other good ideas would be Justin Timberlake, The Black Eyed Peas, Kesha, Katy Perry, Rhianna.

  5. Not gonna comment on the music thing since I think we have completely different tastes in music but I will say this about your weight watchers results...

    Muscle weighs more than fat so don't worry so much about weight as much as body composition. You can test this in a variety of ways (calliper, impedance scales, submersion) some are more feasible than others, the first 2 are easily purchased at your local fitness store. All I'm saying is weight doesn't indicate overall fitness.

    Additionally working the elliptical will have a long term effect as it strengthens the quads which are the largest muscle group in your body and therefore have the biggest effect on your resting metabolic rate. Resting is actually where you burn the majority of your calories so any increase in it will have a large overall effect. Keep up the good work!


  6. keep up the hard work! i listen to rap when i work out, which i HATE at any other time! i think it makes me feel "gangsta"! i don't know. i'm weird.

  7. a good idea for your iPod....if you go to the podcasts there are a LOT of free one's you can download that are upbeat and good for workouts. i've got some for yoga as well. it's a good free option!