Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today we have just chilled & been lazy all morning! I finally got Jarrett down for a nap. I love the weekends, because we get to spend an entire 2 days together. He has been a little cranky this morning, but I got him in his bath & he started splashing like crazy & having a great time!

He ate peaches this morning. Tonight we'll have a veggie. A little cranky...
Jarrett is such a good eater. He is opening his mouth a lot better & not spitting the food out as much. Sometimes he sneezes & food splatters everywhere! Haha!
Bathtime in the duckie.
One of my good friends Melissa got Jarrett this outfit & I wanted to take a few pictures of him in it. He is such a little stud!


  1. How do you stand those blue eyes!!! Is his hair red or is it just the light?

  2. lol..t-a babbles the whole time and good goes!

    I love that duck..seriously!!!

    Oh..and I really want to nom those chubbs of his..SOOO SWEET!!!

  3. Your son has the bluest eyes I've ever seen! Oh man! I'm just melting! Glad I came across your blog. :)

    ~Bobbi @

  4. Is his hair red?!?!? I've always wanted a red headed little baby!

    We bought that duck bath after seeing that you and Sara had it. We love it!