Sunday, August 1, 2010

JUMP (for my Love)

I just had to use that title b/c me & my sister used to LOVE the Pointer Sisters & that was our favorite song. We used to dance to the record when we were little. Whenever I hear that song, it makes me think of my sister. That song, or "Manic Monday" by The Bangles. You can tell we are 80's babies :)

Anyways, I tried out the Johnny Jump Up today with Jarrett. He loved it! I put it in the doorway between his bedroom & bathroom. He is sticking everything in his mouth & this included the jumper & he even started licking & sucking on the wall. I know he is teething & I hope he gets some teefers soon. We have been through a tube & a half of Orajel.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend & thanks for the sweet comments about my debit card. I really hope everything gets worked out & they catch this person!


  1. hahaha...he is so cute!
    that jumper looks old school! those things scare me,..I am such a dork! We just bout T-A a froggy jumper!

    I've been using teething tablets..they seem to coat her gums longer!

  2. I love these things! I've been looking for one for E for days. As soon as I find it, that sucker is mine!

  3. Love those jumpers - we were given one from a friend when my daughter was little - she was a wild child even then - in addition to bouncing up and down she would run all over the place and bang into the door frames and everything within reach. She is still a wild & fearless girl to this day - ha!

    Sorry to hear about your debit card - that is really scary - I would be so upset too - we work hard for the (little)money we have and for someone to take it - just irritates me to no end. Hope you have a better week :)

  4. I think an adult sized Johnny Jump Up would make me really happy. Is that weird?
    Check out my latest post for a happy Wednesday surprise!