Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Walk In the Park

I met my new girlfriend Kelly & her little boy Deegan at Sunset Park this morning. She is one of the girls I am doing Weight Watchers with & she is Soooooo sweet! I met her through the Mama's group I joined. We walked our babies in their strollers for a good 45 minutes! That was a good workout too! I have passed Sunset Park several times, but I had never been. It is such a beautiful park. There are geese & birds all around. It's almost like a crazy bird zoo. The trail goes around a big pond that has a really pretty fountain in the middle. I think it would be fun to bring the dogs & walk them, but I think Milton would go BANANAS over all the birds.
Pretty trail:
Pretty pond in the middle with fountains:
Me & Jarrett waiting for Kelly & Deegan to arrive:
Me & the babies:
Sweet Kelly & the babies:
Jarrett & Deegan = New buds:
After a great morning, I got pretty upset b/c I looked at our bank account online & there were 2 ATM withdrawls. One at the Paris Las Vegas Casino for $265.00 & another at the Planet Hollywood Casino for $245.00. Let me tell you, we NEVER go down to the strip unless we have family or friends in town. I had my debit card in my wallet & Jason had his. Both withdrawls were made from MY card. I went to the nearest Wells Fargo Bank & I had to file a claim. I cannot believe this happened to me! How did this happen? I have my card! The girl that helped me was so nice & she said that sometimes when you use your card, someone will copy down your # & then they can make a fake debit card. This is all so scary to me. I hope everything will get worked out soon & we will get our money back. They asked if I wanted to file charges on the person that did this & I said "YES!". There are tons of cameras in casinos, so I really hope they catch the person that did this. I'm so upset about this. Jason & I aren't rich people & we need our money!


  1. How extremely annoying about your debit card! We try not to use our's at restaurants where the waiter takes it back to swipe it because a lot of our friends have had their info stolen and used. All the waiter has to do is snap a pic with their phone of your card and they have your info. Scary!

  2. That's great you met a new friend who has a baby just about Jarret's age!

    That's terrible about your debit card! I hope you get everything resolved quickly and I hope they catch the person who was using your debit card number.

  3. Yay for walking a walking buddy!

    The same thing happened to my Hubby's card. Only it happened while he was in Iraq over Skype, and it got fixed pretty fast. We do not have Wells Fargo though, so I dunno how they are with stuff like this. It has happened several times to us though, and we have always gotten our money back. They say that they have to make microchips and everything for stuff like that. Then they do a withdrawal to see how much is there/what they can get away with taking. Then they use it until it declines, then they move onto the next card. The banks have a whole unit to try and prevent it. Crazy how stuff like that works. Hope it all works out.

  4. That looks like a fun park I wish I could go with you and we could stroll our boys! I am so sorry those stupid heads robbed you sidder!!! I'm gonna kick their butts!!!! grrrrr!!!! I hope they find them and pull all their arm hair out! I LOVE YOU!

  5. How scary about your debit card! My friend's mom just had that happen to her for the second time this year!!!

    Jarret is SOO cute!!

  6. That's so scary - something like that happened to one of my co-workers a few weeks ago! Insane! I hope everything gets worked out quick and they catch that felon!