Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Weekend with New Friends

We had a fun day yesterday. We started off meeting Kelly & Deegan at Sunset park again, but yesterday 2 more mommies met up with us! Kristina & Anna brought their little girls & they were so sweet. I had so much fun hanging out with some mommies & our babies. I'm really glad I found this mommies group. It has been so great to make new friends that have babies the same age as Jarrett.

Me & Jarrett on the swings:
Jarrett driving the Firetruck:
Mommy wants to ride with him!
There are birds EVERYWHERE in this park. Anna brought some bread so we could feed them. These birds can get a little scary when you have food in your hands!
Kelly & Deegan:
Anna & Sophia:
Kristina & Sophia:
Jarrett chillin' in the grass. He kept grabbing the grass. I think he liked it.
Jarrett enjoying the swing. He LOVES to swing!
Buddies swingin' together:
All the babies.
Sophia wanted to pet Jarrett's head:
After we went to the park, I stopped by Wal-Mart to get some groceries. Jarrett fell asleep & he was so cute! I think he was worn out from the morning.
Yesterday afternoon, one of the moms in our meet-up group had a get-together at her house. It was nice to finally meet a few more of the moms, husbands & babies. Because I work, I can't go to the playgroups during the weekdays, but I try to do stuff on the weekends.

I didn't take any pictures of that b/c everyone was so busy with the babies! But, after that we went to Chilis with Kelly & her husband Kevin. They are such a sweet couple.

Me, Jason & Jarrett:
Kelly, Kevin & Deegan:
We gave Jarrett a lemon. I guess this collage looks pretty small, so you might have to click on it to his reaction. It was so funny! He actually loved the lemon though & wanted more.
Num, Num
Jarrett on his daddy's shoulders:
Jarrett & Mama:
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are staying home today & relaxing!

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