Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mum Mum's

We bought Jarrett his own box of Baby "Mum Mum"s (Kelly let us try one of Deegans at the park) & he seems to really like these little rice crackers! They make a bit of a mess with him breaking the crackers up & then running his fingers through his hair. Fun times. I've been a little nervous giving him solid snack foods. He has choked a couple of times & then threw up all over! It is getting better though. He is eating 2-3 jars of baby food a day & about 4~8 ounce bottles a day. He loves to eat! He especially loves sweet potatoes, squash & spinach. He is teething & I hope those little teefers will pop through soon. I think they will help him a lot to be able to try more foods.

When did you start giving your baby solid snack foods? They make me nervous that he'll choke!
"Num, Num, Num..."
"Finger lickin' good"
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  1. I love the look on his face! It's like "seriously mom" He's getting so big! : )

    I didn't start giving Olivia solids till she had her first teeth and I started with those little puffs since they dissolve. She's choked a few times too and it is scary.

  2. Cooper loves Mums! He goes crazy for them. He's had them since he was 6 months old.

    Don't try the biter biscuits - they crumble terribly.

    We do puffs, too, but he doesn't quite have the pincer grip down yet.

  3. So cute! He's such a cutie, thanks for sharing pics with us!

  4. I think we started around 7 months with Brooklynn with the Puffs. They dissolve in their mouths so I think its easier for them to handle at first. I was chicken - I let her try it at daycare since they were CPR certified and if anything happened they would know what to do - ha! Of course everything was fine and she hasn't stopped snacking since!

    Jarrett is just so cute - he looks like he loves those crackers - bet they feel great on his teething gums too :)

  5. He looks like he is loving life with a yummy snack in his hand. Oh, he has the cutest eyes ever!

  6. T-A still chokes occassionally on stage one baby foor..so I'm a chicken when it comes to this..haha.

    when she gets her teeth through I'm sure I'll start with the little puff things...but I'll be ready to whop outt he cpr if needed...told ya..OVERPROTECTIVE..hahaha!

    He looks like he enjoys them..cutie!

  7. Hey....NO, it's not you...silly! I remember getting your email now. I am the WORST when it comes to checking my email on my phone, not writing back because it'd take me forever...and then forgetting to type one out from the computer. So sorry! I will get back to you...thanks for the reminder! =)

  8. Love the look on his face!! He's so precious! When does he do the choking thing? With cereal and stuff? That will freak me out so bad if BG does that...

  9. Jarrett is just growing up before our eyes!!

    Those little snacks look good! I'm sure he's loving them :) I don't think they had those when Jeven was little.

    I bet he'll have little teeth poking out real soon!