Friday, June 4, 2010

Dreaming about a Toddler Room

I know Jarrett is only 5 1/2 months old, but I'm already dreaming about what I want to do with his room when he eventually grows out of his crib & needs his own bed. I still love the sock monkeys or just monkeys in general as a theme until he is old enough to make his own decisions on the design of his room. I also really love the artwork I just hung on his wall!

I know I do NOT want a bunk bed. I was thinking more along the lines of something like this bed:

We will probably move the queen size mattress in Jarrett's room & I still want him to have room to play. And, the storage in the bottom is nice!

I really love this sock monkey bedding too, but I'm not sure it will go up to a queen. Isn't it cute though?

These Nick & Nora Monkey sheets are really cute too & I could mix in just basic brown bedding with red accents.

Other themes I thought would be cool for a kids room are "under water/ocean" & "pirate/treasure map" theme. I guess we will see within the next few years! As long as its not Sponge Bob or something cheesy like that :P How did you transition your nursery into a toddlers room? Did you use the same theme?

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