Friday, June 4, 2010

A few more thangs

I decided to post a few pictures that I took on my phone recently.

I snapped this picture of my sister holding Jarrett at McAlister's. He loves his Auntie Becky!

This is our friend Karen. We snapped a picture with her at church Sunday morning. She has an adorable little girl & she is pregnant with a little boy now! She is so, so sweet! It was so good to see you Karen!

Here is a picture I took of the cupcakes I got from The Cupcakery on Jason's Birthday. We love that place.

Oh My Gosh Ganache & Chocolate Passion:

Red Velvet & Tickle Me Pink:

Jarrett in one of the onesie's my mom got him:

Still teething! I thought this picture was cute. It's like he's saying "Ma, get the Orajel!"



  1. Hi Bonnie!
    Love the pics. For a minute there I thought that picture of Becky was you! You guys are so pretty :)
    The pics. of Jarrett are so awesome...he's so stinkin' cute!!
    We haven't been to the Cupcakery yet, but we want to go so bad. The Retro Bakery is close to our house and we love going there, but we've heard the Cupcakery is great too! The cupcakes looks so yummy in your pics.
    Have a great day :)

  2. Love the monkey onesie!! Ella just got one too and we LOVE it on her! So precious!

    And that last picture is too cute, but kind of breaks my heart! He looks so sad =(