Friday, June 4, 2010

Totally Random Stuff

I know I didn't post a lot about our Birthday's this past week. I turned 29 on May 30th (along with my twin sis!) & my hubs turned 28 on June 1st. (Yes, I'm a cradle robber). But, I just wanted to let my hunny know that he is my everything. I couldn't survive without my husband. Jason - you are my EVERYTHING. You are such a wonderful husband to me & father to Jarrett. I feel so blessed that I found you.

I think if Jarrett could color, this is totally what his artwork for you would look like b/c he knows his daddy loves dragons :)

Nobody can make Jarrett smile & giggle like his daddy. He loves his daddy so much!

The other day his little teefers were hurting so bad, we let him suck on teething fish. I think he LOVED it.

Today I went by Fazolis & got a lemon italian ice. I let Jarrett try a little bit of it & he seemed to like it! He kept going "MMMMMMM"!

On a hot day like today, lemon italian ice really hit the spot. This weekend it will be 106+ degrees, ugh!

Then, I was driving though our neighborhood on the way home & I thought these were really pretty. Something different than a dang palm tree! I wonder what kind they are? I want some in my yard!

WOO-HOO Tomorrow is Friday! Hope you have a good one!

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  1. He looks like he's really enjoying the lemon ice! That face he's making in that picture is one I see all the time on Baby Girl. Love the raised eyebrows!