Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visit with my BFF Kristin & her kids

I got to meet up with my BFF Kristin (we've been best friends since 6th grade) for a little while in Little Rock. We met at a Starbucks & she had all 3 kids with her. Her kids are so beautiful & I love them so much! We didn't get to visit long enough & I hate it that I barely get to see her & the kids when I go home. It is so hard to squeeze in time with everyone when we go home. I know its my fault for moving so far away. I had planned on spending most of the day on Monday with her, but we got snowed in that day. You just can't plan the weather!

Krissy & Jarrett (isn't she so pretty & look good after having 3 kids!):

Her youngest Lane:

Sweet girl Abby:

Brayden & Abby:

Abby LOVED feeding Jarrett!



  1. Such sweet looks like you guys had a fun visit!

    and cute kids all around :)

  2. That's nice you got to meet up with your friend and her kids. Too bad it got cut short, but I'm glad you did get to meet up.
    They sure looked happy getting to feed Jarrett :) So sweet!