Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day, Baby!

Bonnie and I have been married for a touch over five years now and they have far and away been the very best years of my life. We just recently embarked on the most exciting, amazing, rewarding journey of our lives when she gave birth to our son, Jarrett. Everyone talks about how much life changes after the birth of your first child, and how difficult things are going to be, how little time we'll have and how tired we'll be.

No one ever told me how much love I would feel. Not just for that beautiful child that we are responsible for, there are no words to describe my feelings for him and what it feels like to be a father.

I was not prepared for how my love changed for my beautiful wife, Bonnie. She has always been my completion, my other half, the love of my life. After the birth of our child, not only is she the love of my life, but the strongest person I know. I am in awe of her and what she has gone through and how gracefully she has handled everything.

There aren't any words that can fully describe how I feel, how Bonnie makes me feel and how perfectly she compliments me as a person. Saying I am the luckiest guy in the world to have the family I have all of a sudden is so much of an understatement it is barely worth typing. I have the most wonderful valentine I could ever hope for and I know our next fifty years of marriage will continue to grow my love in the exponential way it has these first 5 amazing years.

Bonnie I love you more than any words, cards, gifts or anything else could ever hope to say. You are the most wonderful, amazing person I have ever known and the time we have had together has continued to get better every second of every day. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!



  1. that was so sweet...just perfect!

  2. Jason--
    Boy do you have a way with words :) How sweet and wonderful.
    I think you, Bonnie, and sweet, little Jarrett are a wonderful family, that I'm lucky to know!

  3. Oh my so so so so sweet!!!

  4. what a wonderful post! bonnie, you are one lucky lady.

    how is your DS? is he sleeping better? when do you go back to work?

  5. AWE! So sweet brudder! You take such good care of sidder and I know she loves you just the same! Jarrett is so blessed to have you two as only if his favorite Auntie will ever get to see his precious face! wahhhh! I love you all soooo very much! I wish we lived closer it just breaks my heart. Happy Valentines day my sweet family :)

  6. Now that was just PERFECT! Your a keeper.