Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your wedding party

Jason & I got married November 5, 2004 in a small ceremony at The Old Mill in North Little Rock. It was very casual & very pretty. These are the only pics I have on my computer at the moment. I had a HUGE wedding for my first wedding & I wish so bad that I could've had that wedding with Jason. My first marriage was very short & a lesson learned. But, I think Jason & I had a beautiful wedding too :)

Here are a few pictures & bridal portraits I found from my first wedding. I hope maybe Jason & I can renew our vows or something in Vegas someday & have a bigger wedding!



  1. You look so pretty. You still are. You have not changed one bit. Maybe you can Jason can get remarried and have a big event.

  2. Love the pictures! You were married before? I don't even know you and yet for some reason I'm surprised... maybe because you're young? I loved my wedding, but if I ever get married again we're going to Vegas and skipping the traditional things.

  3. Yay for November weddings!!

    I was shocked to see your sister with blonde hair. I like her with darker hair. It suits her :) Your bridal pictures are pretty. I didn't have any taken. I was disappointed in my photographer overall. He turned out not to be what I was expecting. His portfolio was totally different that how our pics turned out :(

    I think you should do like a vow renewal when you have more money!

  4. You look so beautiful!! I love your hair!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! You two look so happy :) A vow renewal would be awesome! Especially with your baby there ♥

  6. What pretty photos! Is your second wedding dress blue!? That is extremely cool! :)