Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey Kendra!

I love Kendra & Hank's show on the E channel. I used to watch The Girls Next Door & I really like that Kendra has branched off & now has her own show. She is so silly & I like the relationship she has with Hank. And, it is cool that her baby is due about 1-2 weeks before mine! I also love Tori & Dean on Oxygen. Summer TV shows are really slow sometimes. I can't wait until fall & all of the good shows come back on TV. I'm looking forward to Fringe & Desperate Housewives!

Her wedding dress was like a princess!

I also saw online today that Twilight has Birthday cards now, haha!



  1. Hey! I love those shows too! I have been hooked on Kendra. I'm so glad she did this show, she is so REAL! Her wedding was Beautiful. I have DVR'd all the Tori & Dean, so I have to catch up on ALL of them. I am a sucker for Reality TV!!

  2. too!
    I was so upset with kendra's mom last!

  3. Hi Bonnie! I love Kendra too, and Dean and Tori. I missed the last Kendra episode, so I'm bummed about it. I must be the only person on this earth that hasn't seen Desperate bizarre is that?!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  4. Kendra is one of my guilty pleasures too. There were/are some good summer shows this year, but I'm ready for my fall shows to come back.

    I heard they're considering replacing the actress that played Victoria in Twilight for New Moon. I hope they don't!

  5. I can't wiat for all of my fall ABC shows to come back on!!! I love me some Tori and Dean too.

  6. I haven't watched the Kendra show, but I used to crack up at her on Girls Next Door. Isn't that funny that she is due right around the same time as us?