Sunday, August 2, 2009

A few more Vegas pics & "maters"

Becky sent me few more Vegas pics & I thought I would post them on here.
Jason & I at the Wynn:

Mom & me at the Cheesecake Factory:

Jason being a goofball (what he's best at) & my daddy:

And then, my sweet Nannie picked a bunch of tomatoes from her garden & sent them up with my mom & dad. I have been craving tomatoes - especially HER tomatoes. She sent so many & I still probably have about 15 left. I've been eating them like crazy before they go bad & they are SO good. You just can't buy tomatoes like these in a store. Oh how I miss her fried squash too. (I'll be home for Thanksgiving Nannie!!) Love you & thankyou so much for the tomatoes!

I also want to add that we have been house hunting for the past few months & let me tell you what a nightmare it is! We went looking again this Saturday in the 118 degree weather. I thought I was going to be sick it was so hot. We found a place we like & it is right next to Jason's Aunt & Uncle's church. We are going to put an offer in, but we are not going to get our hopes up. We have put in at least 5-6 offers at this point & none of them have gone through. If we don't find something soon, I guess we will be looking for a rental house or a bigger apartment in a good neighborhood.

We also got a Costco membership this weekend b/c we heard that was the best place to buy diapers & wipes. And, hey...Oprah shops there! It was a MAD HOUSE. I guess b/c it was a Saturday afternoon, but I've never seen Sams Club as crazy as Costco was this past Saturday. It makes me think what it will be like around Christmas time. (Note to self, go to Costco during weekdays ONLY)


  1. Hi Bonnie! Love the pics. You are so photogenic and pretty!
    As for house hunting...we have 2 (soon to be 3) houses vacant on our street. I don't understand why it's so hard to buy houses right now in Vegas, when a LOT of people are out looking and WANT to buy them, yet it's so difficult. Of course some of these houses just sit vacant. Strange. It just doesn't make sense to me. I hope so badly it works out well for you and that it happens soon.

  2. Cute pics!

    Now I'm gonna go eat some that's all I!

  3. Great pictures! And good luck with the offer on the house. We have made close to 10 offers and have been outbid on all. I hate that people are buying with cash, it makes it harder on people like you and I who have a loan. At this point I'm switching to rentals and hoping we have better luck. As for costco, weekends are the worse time to go. Thats when they give out food samples and all of the older crowd goes to eat. =) And as for Christmas forget-about-it! It's a nightmare! =)

  4. Great pictures. I love homegrown tomatoes! And, we're house hunting too... Good luck! We've been talking about getting a Sams Club membership! I so want one.. I love bargains!

  5. Great pics and you look fantastic! Those tomatoes from your nannies garden look so good.

    Good luck with the house hunt and I hope you're offer gets accepted!

  6. Wow look at all those tomatoes! My mouth is watering!! Good Luck with the house offer. I hope it works out for you =)

  7. That is a lot of tomatoes!!! : )

  8. Costco on weekdays ONLY for sure!!!
    Good look with the house hunting, my sister just got a SMOKING deal on a house in will find something!
    I will be praying your hubby feels better soon!