Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, it has been a very busy weekend & I've been VERY tired! Ever since Becky, mom & dad got here, we've been "go, go, go!" It was so great to have them here. Mom & dad left this morning & I drove them to the airport at 4 AM. After I dropped them off I came home & cried for about an hour before I fell asleep again. It almost makes it harder to see them, because it makes me realize how much I miss them.

Anyways, we went & registered at Target. But, on our way we stopped by 7-11 & all got Slurpies! It was around 115 degrees here & we all needed to be cooled off. Mom said she used to get them in college when they still had them in Arkansas. My dad got a "suicide". He mixed coke, cherry, blue raspberry & banana all together! Here are mom & dad with their slurpies:

While we were registering, I saw the cutest stuff for my sister! If any of ya'll have read her blog, you know she loves owls. We saw this set at Target & we were all like "Becky has to get this!"
It's the "Little Hoot" collection:

Here are a few close-ups I took of the pack n play. It even has a little owl mobile:

Here are a few pictures my sister took from their trip:
Mom, me & Becky:

Jason & Dad:

Jason patting the belly:

Becky & ME:

If you want to see more pics, you can go to Becky's blog HERE.


  1. By the looks of things you sure had fun with your family. I also went and checked out your sisters blog...great pics :) Sorry you had to drop them off at the airport...it can be so tough. But glad you had a good time while they were here.
    By the way, the Little Hoot collection is so cute! Have a great day!
    P.S. Is it hot here in Vegas or what? I swear I'm going to melt! We went to Town Square today for lunch and walked around looking in some of the shops. I thought we would die!!!Yikes!

  2. i love all of the photos.

    i am sooo glad the whole family got together!


  3. It looks like ya'll had fun. I can't beleive they have owl stuff.

  4. I am so glad that you had a nice time with the family and I love all of the pics. The Little Hoot collection from Target is so cute!

    It sounds deathly hot there. I hope the slurpies helped :)

  5. awe! looks like fun!

    I've registered a little at target..but not much!

  6. First of all, congratulations on a BOY!!! I have been reading Becky's blog for some time. I won a little contest she did where she gave away a new header and I won! So I've read her blog ever since!

    We also have connections to Plano where she lives. Also now I find out that we took your little cousin, Lindsey R. with us to church camp! How "small world" is that?

    Do your parents live in LR?

  7. Looks like fun!! Glad you are staying cool!