Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Curls with the Ginalli

I wanted to post a few pics of my hair a while back when I used my Ginalli Milano. It looked really cute. My hair has grown out a little bit since these pics, but I wanted to post them b/c THE. MRS was talking about trying to get her hair to curl. Me & my sister both have one & we love it! We both do have naturally curly hair though, so that helps it hold. The downside to the Ginalli is that it takes a while to do this to your hair & it is also kind of expensive. But, I called the phone # directly from the website & they sold it to me for only $120. I think you can find them in some malls to for around the same price. They would be sold out of a booth in the middle of the mall. Hope this helps!

***EDIT - I wanted to Answer a few questions:

1) What size cylinder of the Ginalli do I use?
I think mine is the 19 or the 25MM cylinder. For some reason I want to say 19.

2) How long does it take you to do this to your hair?
It probably takes me about 20-30 minutes to do my whole head. That's why I don't do this very often! Ha!


  1. Wow! Your hair looks great! What 'mm' are youo using? 25mm?

  2. Thanks! It looks great!
    I would just be worried it would take to long with my long hair. The biggest problem is that I have tons of fine super straight hair.
    How long does that take you?

  3. That is so GORGEOUS!! I wish my hair would hold curls!

  4. AHHH I love this. I think I need one. Do you haev a chi?

  5. omg! i love it! your hair looks fabulous!