Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Care package

I forgot to post this a few days ago. As most of you know, Becky & I like to send little care packages to each other. It makes me so excited when I get something in the mail from my sister! Living in different states, it's nice to know she is thinking of me. I love the pens from the bank she works at & she always sends me some! This care package included:


*"B" Post-its

*Twilight Keychain - OMG TWILIGHT!

*a pen that looks like a needle w/ blood in it? (my boss hates it b/c it creeps her out, ha!)

*a purse size Eucerin lotion

*Gold "Essy" nail polish

Thankyou sidder! I LOVE YOU!

Also, here are a few pics from the dogs last night. They are such good babies!


  1. I love you too boo~ those silly pups!

  2. How sweet of you guys to send each other little gifts.... Sis and I also by each other things all the time. We put the images begind the crystal and it shines through. Magic.... Have a wonderful evening... Leslie

  3. Care packages sound like so much fun. I have 3 brothers, so my odds of getting a delightful little care package from one of them are not exactly great, but I DO have 2 cute sis-in-laws that I think I'm going to start sending fun things to.

    Oh, and your dogs?
    The one is such a tanker!
    love. it.

  4. That is so cute that you send each other care packages! She sent you some great things. Your dogs are so cute and I love your blog :)