Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Shirts & some updates!

I met with my friend Angie tonight & we "played" as she says ;)  She is my crafting buddy & I made Jarrett 2 shirts.  I think they turned out really cute & I had a lot of fun hanging out with Ang & gettin' crafty.  I was getting tired of making the "faux" suspender & tie shirts & wanted to try something different.  

The first one I made is this little monster shirt.  What do you think?  I thought he turned out pretty cute!  I might add Jarrett's name, I'm not sure yet.  But, I'll probably leave it as is. 
 The second shirt is for 4th of July.  Yes, I cut out all the letters by hand, ironed on the backing & sewed them on.  It wasn't too bad & I think it looks so cute!  Going to try & find some cute shorts to go with it :)
 I tried to get a couple pictures of Jarrett modeling his shirts with my phone, but he was not cooperating well!
This is Angie's little boy Graycn.  Isn't he such a cutie pie?  It was so fun seeing our boys playing & interacting with each other.  Although, sometimes it is hard to get everything done you want to when there are two 1-year olds running around.
  Lastly...I have some sad news.  With everything going on in our lives lately, we decided that we would try & find the dogs a good home.  Jason & I both work full-time.  We don't have a backyard for them to run & play in.  I felt like they weren't getting the attention & love they deserved.  We just weren't having the time or energy to give them the attention they craved.  This was a VERY hard decision b/c Jason & I got Milton before we were married.  And, Billie Bean a year after that.  We've had them for almost 8 years & our hearts were breaking at the thought of having to get rid of them, but eventually the guilt of working so much & not giving them the time they needed outweighed that.  We found a really nice family to adopt them.  The two brothers came over to our house & I talked to them for some time.  They seemed really nice & said they already had two other dogs.  Last night I got an e-mail from one of the guys & it brought tears to my eyes...
"I will definitely be in touch , Bonnie. They really like our other dogs and they love to hang out outside. They sit on the couch with us and watch TV and Billie is really warm towards us. She is constantly on my lap LOL. She is awesome!!! My mom and dad like them too. I have one question though. What word did you use for dog treats? And Milton is always showing us his belly. He's adorable." 
I had told the guy that I used the word "TREAT" & they always respond to that word.  It just meant a lot to me that he sent me an e-mail to let me know how they are doing.  He also said that if we wanted to come by & see them sometime, we could.  He will also keep us updated through e-mail.  I couldn't ask for a better situation.  If you would've asked me 2 years ago if I would EVER get rid of my dogs - my answer would've been NEVER.  My how a couple of years changes your outlook on life.  But, these past few months have been really hard on me & I just can't handle everything by myself anymore.  I know God brought the right family into our lives at the right time.
I had to get a few last pictures of Jarrett & the doggies.  We will miss them SO much, but we are thankful we found a good home for them.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  <3 Bon


  1. i just may need you to make me a onesie and a t-shirt for november that says "little brother & big brother"

  2. I cannot believe you hand cut all the letters for Jarrett's name! You go, girl!
    I'm sorry about your dogs. I know pets are like our first children but things do change a lot after kids. Have a great weekend!

  3. the shirts are ADORABLE!!! you rock!

    i'm so sad for you about your doggies :(
    glad they found the right home though and you can visit!

  4. I love the shirts!! They're really cute!!

    I'd still like to make one w/ a tie for Cruz but haven't even done that yet.

    I'm so sorry you had to get rid of your sweet little dogs but I'm really happy for you and them that they found a great home. The email from the new owner sounds really sweet.

  5. Both of those shirts are TOO cute! I love them! I should try my hand at making Asher some t-shirts. I love things with his name on it. :-)