Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playin' in my room

I took a few photos of Jarrett playing in his room.  He loves playing with his blocks & HANGERS!  I took a bunch out of his closet & let him play with them.  He has had a constant cough for a couple of days now & today it seems a little worse.  The wind in Vegas has been really bad & so has the pollen.  I know he has bad allergies.  We have been giving him 2 breathing treatments a day & Zyrtec & he is still coughing a lot.  Tomorrow I am taking him to the doctor.  I really hope he grows out of this stuff!

We didn't do a lot today.  I had a doctor's appointment myself & then a dentist appointment.  NO CAVITIES!  YEAH!  I hope Jarrett gets MY teeth :)  

Thanks for all the advice with the sippy cups!  There was a lot of great advice given & I really appreciate all the input.


  1. t-a loves hangers too!!
    i dont let her play with them much now though..cause my bestie told me that she got one caught on her teeth and had to be rushed to the er when she was a baby..

    freaked me out!!

    he looks so big..miss you guys,,we have been too busy to talk!

  2. My kids love hangers too! I don't know what the deal is with babies and hangers. :)

    That's too bad Jarrett has such bad allergies and breathing problems... poor little guy. I really hope he'll outgrow them too.

    Yay for no cavities!!

  3. stop taking him to the Dr for his allergies - try and find you a good allergist in your area that takes your insurance as they will have many more options readily available and I believe can rid Lil J of his problems all together.

  4. I love his little penguin humidifier! We were looking at a similar one for Jade... :)

  5. what a cutie!! sorry to hear he hasn't been feeling the best.
    i remember my nephew loved hangers and water bottles! ;)

  6. BG basically likes anything that is not a toy!! So hangers are a definite play thing in our house!!

    Sorry to hear he hasn't been feeling well :( Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  7. Such cute photos! YAY for no cavities - I hate going to the dentist because they always seem to find something wrong. Last time I got lucky and I'm hoping it will repeat when I go back in 2 weeks. Wish me luck - ha!