Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My life

Don't you love a sweet, innocent sleeping baby?  I have confessed before that I sneak Jarrett to the guest bedroom every night & sleep with him.  I feel like it is my bonding time with him b/c I work all day & I'm so tired when I get home.  Falling asleep with my baby right next to me is the best feeling.  I know he won't always want to sleep with his mama, but I'm taking advantage of it as much as I can!

Here are a few pictures I took of Jarrett before I headed off to work:
 When he's not sleeping he is on the goooooo, touching everything he can get his hands on!  We put him on his train last night & it was the first time he didn't start screaming to get off of it.  He actually liked riding it!  We will be practicing with our Disney train more in the future :)
 Here is me & Jarrett sporting our "I <3 New York" shirts that Aunt Becky sent!  Excuse my messy hair!  Becky recently went to visit our Blogger buddy Summer in New York City & I'm so jealous!  I would've loved to have met Summer.  Hopefully someday...

Also, I am really disappointed in myself.  I got pulled over last week b/c there was a cop 2 cars in front of me.  He saw me swerve a little to the left out of my lane.  It's a WIDE highway & I was almost to work!  But, my twin sister had just sent me a text of a picture of her holding a cup of Starbucks.  (this is something we do with each other all the time b/c we love Starbucks)  But, lately I have RARELY been getting it b/c I can't afford it.  But, I was early to work this morning & I had a gift card I hadn't used up, so I thought I would get some.  After I got that picture of Becky holding her Starbucks, I wanted to send one back of me holding mine!  Well, I guess I swerved a little bit while trying to do so & the cop saw me in his rear view mirror.  When he asked me what I was doing I told him "texting" & of course he gave me a ticket for not staying in the marked lanes of traffic.  Sigh...should I have lied?  I felt like I was honest & did what was right!  Well, I mean...I shouldn't have been texting and I KNOW THIS!  I guess every once in a while we need a wake-up check, huh?  Seems like I'm getting a lot of those lately. 

Well, don't you want to see the lovely picture I was sending my sister that caused me to get a ticket!?!  
There she is in all her glory.  No more texting & Starbucks picture taking BECKY!!!! WAAAA!!!


  1. Girl!!!! Yes we do need a wake up call ever now and again and YES I will smack your sister for you :) ha ha Also a sleeping kiddo is the best - so innocent and sweet. Can't wait for you to make it down to Texas so we can finally meet one of these days and let all the boys get together and run around like crazy. Then again I would love to go up to Arkansas to the family farm as it just looks so peaceful - one day we will all get our act together!!!!! Love you Bon Bon

  2. I always thought that ya'll took those pictures while sitting parked. Bonnie! This makes me want to cry and shake you! Seriously! Please don't ever do that again - it's not worth it in the least bit.

  3. Your cop story cracks me up! I can't believe you told him you were texting. So honest!

  4. is a't believe you got a ticket, no texting!

    I love sweet!!

  5. Well, you totally look FAB! I definitely think you should do them parked!