Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jarrett's Favorite Book

Jarrett's favorite book is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom".  His Nana gave it to him & he loves it when Jason or I read it to him.  He also loves to turn the pages :)

Here is a sweet little video of Jarrett looking at the book after I read it to him last night:  
Do your kids have a favorite book to read?  We have started a pretty good book collection, but want to add more!


  1. i love his jammies!!

    i'm gonna have to get that book for T-A!

  2. I bet this video melts your mom's heart!! So sweet! I recommend the book Mommy Hugs for Jarrett's library, if you don't have it already. It's Tessa's current favorite!

  3. Jarrett is SO CUTE Bonnie! How sweet he's sitting there checking out his new book from his cute!

  4. i love how he has the abominable snowman right there next to him!

  5. I LOVE that book! When I used to teach preschool we would always make an alphabet tree!!

    We love "10 little ladybugs" the best around here, and any of the "Touch and Feel" books by Usborne too!

  6. hey bonnie! i remember you too. cute blog!:)