Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yummy Sugar Cookies with Almond Icing

Okay, so ever since Becky & I were little our neighbor next door has given us these FABULOUS sugar cookies every Christmas.  We have been begging her for YEARS to give us the recipe to no avail.  She finally told us this Christmas that she thinks the "almond" flavoring in the icing is what makes them.  So, I went on a mission online to find a recipe that I thought might make the cut.  I made this recipe last week & they turned out SO good!  My icing still needs some work b/c it was a little lumpy & I couldn't get all the powdered sugar to break down well.  But, they still tasted great.  These are the best sugar cookies I've ever made, so I thought I would share.  I'm stealing this recipe off a blog & you can check out the link HERE.

Here is a picture of my cookies.  Yes, I know the icing looks so messy, but it did taste good.  Does anyone have a perfect recipe for sugar cookie icing?  But, I definitely want the almond flavoring in it.


  1. I'm trying to send you email and I cant get the "contact me" tab to click to see your email. Can you send me an email at I have a question to ask you about the text on your blog. Thank you!!

  2. LOVE these cookies! Whenever my icing seems lumpy I try beating it with an eletric mixer or the kitchen aid mixer until all of the lumps are out ;)

  3. I have recently been attempting perfect sugar cookies! I love the recipes and tips at She uses royal icing flavored w/clear almond or vanilla extract. Even if you don't want RI, the cookie recipe on her blog is the BEST! And they are SO delicious!!!