Thursday, February 10, 2011

I chopped it off

I don't know what I was thinking, but last night I decided I wanted to give Jarrett a haircut.  His hair was sticking out in all directions & he was looking a little "girly" ;)  Now, after I've done it, I do miss his little curls, but I know they will grow back.  I cut his hair mostly in the back on the sides.  I didn't cut on top.  I hope it will even out all over.  Now he is looking  like a big boy!  (I did save all of his hair & put it in a little baggy for keepsake)
***UPDATE***  A few better pictures than the ones I posted earlier:


  1. Jarrett looks so cute! He does look like a big boy now. You did a good looks great!

  2. he looks soooo big, these babies of ours are getting too big!!

    so sweet, you did an awesome job! he has TONS more hair than T-A..hahahah

  3. You did a great job! He does look so much older now . . .isn't it sad/amazing how fast they are growing! Such a sweetie :) Praying for your with the job front momma!

  4. Hi! I just bopped on over from "Kelly's Korner" and I LOVE your of the best I've seen. It's colorful and bright and I can tell you put lots of work into it. Great job! Stop and follow me on my blog at: