Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miss America

My friend Kelly invited me to go see the Miss America pageant last night. It was a little short notice, but I have ALWAYS loved Miss America & I told her "I WANNA GO!!" Growing up, my mom would fold out the sofa bed, we would pop popcorn & watch the Miss America pageant together. We would all keep our scorecards & hopefully the girl we liked won ;) Anyways, it was awesome to see the REAL thing last night. I think they are taping it in segments, so we saw a portion of the girls doing talent, swimsuit, interview & evening wear. It was held at the Planet Hollywood here in Las Vegas. I had a great time & thanks for inviting me Kelly! You made a little girls dream come true ;) And, I always like spending time with you!

Kelly, your face cracks me up in this pic! I think we were both excited to get to watch the pageant. I really nice guy took our picture, but it didn't turn out to well. We didn't want to ask him to take a second one :P

Me holding my ticket & doing the "Miss America" wave:

Kelly holding her ticket & doing the "Miss America" wave:

I didn't take my purse or camera in because I didn't think we were allowed to. All of the pictures were taken with Kelly's iphone. I think they turned out pretty good! (much better than my phone)

The Miss America pageant airs on ABC this Saturday, January 15th!

Thanks again for a great night Kelly! Kelly just started blogging & you can visit her blog HERE. Please stop by & welcome her to the blogging world. Woo-hoo!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I've never really gone to the Miss America pageant, but if I had to the chance to go there's no way I'd turn down that opportunity

  2. How fun!!! Was that Miss Oklahoma in the bikini pic? She had a rockin' body! So jealous. Ha!