Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jarrett's 1st Birthday Party

We have had a long, fun, eventful weekend! We celebrated Jarrett's 1st Birthday (sock monkey themed of course) at our house. We only had Jason's family & a few people from my mommy's group come. We will be in Arkansas on his actual Birthday. We had such a great time & so many wonderful people came by to wish Jarrett a happy 1st Birthday! I tried to weed out a lot of the pictures & not overload you to much. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jarrett's 1st Birthday Banner that I made myself. I think it turned out pretty well!
These are the pomanders I made & I hung them from the light in our dining room:
Goodie Bags:
I found this photo collage that we received from the hospital when Jarrett was born. I framed it & hung it next to his banner:
The food!

The cupcake toppers I ordered from Etsy were ADORABLE! I got up at 7 AM yesterday & made Red Velvet cupcakes from scratch, but they didn't turn out to well & I have not mastered the art of icing cupcakes. They still looked cute though :)
I found these jars at Target for $5 each & I filled them with little goodies:
Okay, opening gifts, here we go! He finally got an actual copy of "Monsters, Inc."! Thank you Uncle Bill & Aunt Rebecca!
He wasn't that interested in opening gifts. I don't think he knew alot of what was going on. Look how cute his Birthday shirt is though!
My friend Angie from my mommy's group made these amazing sock monkey blocks for Jarrett's room. They are so AWESOME! I love them! (I'm sure that face doesn't mean anything Angie...I know Jarrett loves them too ;)

My friend Sarah got him some great books. He loves to be read to, so we are super excited about having some new books! Thankyou Sarah!
Woo-hoo! A sock monkey filled with little trucks:
My friend Kelly is so creative & made this really cute gift called the "Boo Boo Kit". It has little ice packs, band-aids, alcohol wipes, snacks, etc. Such a cute idea!
Jarrett was so cute when we started to sing Happy Birthday to him. He looked like he was a little shy:
Yummy cake!

This is one spoiled little boy.
Thank you for everyone that came out to celebrate Jarrett's Birthday. We hope you had a good time & we love you all!


  1. What a fun party!!! You did such a great job - love all the details! And wow - he got lots of fun gifts - lucky little boy :) Such a cutie!

  2. awesome,awesome party!!!!

    good job!

  3. Such a cute party!! I love those pomanders! You made those?!?! Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet, handsome little man! Hope you all have a great week :)

  4. Cute Party!! I love those cupcakes, so stinking cute!! :D Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  5. I seriously cannot believe he's turning one. I feel like he's the oldest in our little clique of "blog babies" and if he's turning one, then it means the rest aren't that far behind. :(

    But enough of the sadness... he is such a doll! And you did such a good job with his party. I hope y'all had the best time celebrating your little guy!

  6. What a great party!! You're so creative... I love the pomander balls and sign.

  7. What fun! I love all of your decorations. How did you make the hanging poms? They are so cute - and I'm still looking for ideas on how to decorate for Asher's party this weekend!

  8. go jarrett! happy first birthday!
    please share where you got his shirt!

  9. What a great party! So many cute details. I love how the shirt came OFF to eat the cake:-) My kids eat shirtless ALOT!!!!

  10. Seriously it's been a year. Wow. Looks like he had a GREAT party!!

  11. His party looked like so much fun! I love the sock monkey theme!

  12. I love your sock monkey blocks! Love your blog and became a follower! :) Erin