Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Party at the Kriseman's

Yesterday we went to a wonderful Christmas party that was held by my Mommy's group.  I'm so glad I've met so many wonderful ladies through this group!  It was held at one of our mommy's houses & her house was just BEAUTIFUL.  She just had a new baby (her 2nd) & I know she put so much time & effort into hosting this party for our families.  It was such a fun event & we had a great time.

My Mommy's Group ~ Christmas 2010:

 My friend Kelly's husband dressed up as Santa & he was such a great sport!  All of the babies got their picture taken with Santa, AND we all got to go home with our pictures on a CD (thankyou Christine & Tom!)  So many of the baby girls were scared of Santa, but I think most of the boys liked him.  Jarrett liked him a lot...I think maybe he knew it was Deegan's Daddy ;)
"Hi Santa!  I want ______ for Christmas, mmkay?"
Our family with Santa:
Another family pic taken at the party.  I love the look on Jarrett's face in this picture!
Isn't this little outfit the cutest thing ever?  I got it at the consignment sale for only $5!  I love the little hat.

Jason LOVES our friends Christine & Tom's little girl Cassandra.  She is so adorable & has the sweetest personality.  We just love her!  He held her most of the time while her mommy & daddy were taking photos for everyone.
 Me & little Cassandra:
Jarrett & his buddy Deegan:
 Sarah's tree was GORGEOUS.  I just had to take a picture of it!
 All of the food was so yummy.  I made a chocolate chip cheeseball.
 This past weekend was so busy, but so fun!  I love the holidays!  I think Jason & I plan on taking it easy this next weekend.  We are worn out from this one!


  1. First off the picture of you and J is absolutely awesome!!

    Second that tree is pretty amazing!

    Third I would love to meet up as well! HA I am not ignoring you, just been so busy getting ready for this move. We are going to be living a few hours from Vegas, and I have big plans for tons of trips there! So we will have to set something up! Since I have your Email, and in case you have a free weekend here is mine.!

  2. His outfit is just ridiculous..I love it!!

    You look amazing bonnie :)

    Looks so fun! I wonder if we have a mommy's group where I live..probably not :(

    AND...did I mention that Heather is trying her hardest to get me on a plane to come visit you also..hahaha!! I'm working on myself..bahahaha

  3. Would that be the lovely Sarah Kriseman? Too cute! What mommy group is it?

  4. Love the pics with Santa - too cute! What a fun party - love this time of year - great family & friends and great food :) And yay for Mommy groups - always nice to meet others in the same season of life!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! What a fun party :)

  6. super cute pictures!! looks like SO much fun!!
    i just LOVE your little guys outfit and hat! way.too.cute!! where is it from?!
    and you lady are too pretty!!

    p.s. everything from jarret's first birthday looked PERFECT!! you did an amazing job putting everything together! i love all things sock monkey :)

  7. Looks like a really fun party Bonnie! The picture of Jarrett on Santa's lap cracked me right up :)
    Loved the family picture of you guys by Santa too! Very cute!