Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Stuff

I got pinned today & initiated into the local IREM Las Vegas chapter. I had to go up on stage & take an oathe! I have such a fear of public speaking, but I survived :P Unfortunately, we forgot a "real" camera & the only ones I got from the actual event were from my cell phone. I now have my ARM (accredited residential manager).

Me holding my pin & flowers when I got back to the office:
I got to invite a guest & of course, I wanted Maria to come. She got to go up on stage & pin me :)
Moi at the event:
These are so blurry! But, I am 3rd from the right & I'm taking my oathe:
Me & Maria on stage:
I put up Jarrett's little tree in his room. I got this on clearance last year at Target. I haven't had the energy to put up the rest of the Christmas decor. Maybe this weekend!
We tried to get a picture of Jarrett in front of his tree. It was obviously past his bedtime & he was CRANKY!
Here is Lil' J modeling his Christmas Tie Dye I did last weekend:
I saw advent calendars are out at World Market!
Jarrett tried on an owl hat at Baby Gap for Aunt Becky. So cute:
I thought this was so odd to have in the middle of the mall. A Hurricane Simulator? Would you try this? Hmmmm....
I've seen some really cute stuff at Target lately.

These sock monkey PJ's:
This owl wrapping paper for Aunt Becky. It says "Happy Owl-idays!"
Think Jason would mind if I got a Robert Pattinson calendar for 2011? I might not get much work done if this hanging over my desk :P
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. Love the tie dye xmas gear!! Soooooooooooo cute!!

  2. I love lil j .......put robert above ur desk!!! I would get nothing done

  3. Congratulations on getting pinned :)

    I want to put up our Christmas stuff SOOO badly, but the hubs is holding out til after Thanksgiving :( haha I love his cute little tree!

  4. aw..cranky little man..haha!

    He's too cute!

    Love his tree...Think I'm gonna put T-A up one when she's a little older..she's wild and would knock it over!

  5. That picture of J and his tree cracks me up!!!

  6. Congratulations Bonnie--way to go!! That's awesome :)

    Loved Jarrett's's so cute. I can't wair to get our decorations up!

    Love the pics. of Jarrett in his tie-dye cute!