Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day started off rough, but got better!

Today I walked into the office & heated my water to make my new Starbucks caramel instant brew coffee that my sister sent me. When I went to get it, it was gone!!!!! I was so mad b/c I had it for the first time yesterday & it was so good! Ugh!

BUT, my day has gotten better. I was the 29th caller to a local radio station & I won a $100 Shell Gas Card! WOO-HOO! I went down the street on my lunch break & picked it up. Ironically, my gas light blinked on just as I was leaving the parking lot ;) I broke in that baby & filled up my tank.
I also wanted to post a picture of these boots I saw at Kohl's. I'm in love with them, but I just don't have an extra $60 to buy them right now. Maybe for Christmas if they're still around.
Aren't they cute? I'm so into ruffles. LOVE.

We are having Jarrett's Birthday party here on December 4th with Jason's family & some friends from my mommy's groups. It is starting to stress me out. I'm wondering what we can do to entertain little babies? And, what kind of food should I prepare? I want him to have a special ONE YEAR OLD Birthday party! Please give me some ideas on food if you have them.

I was also trying to think of what Jason & I can get him for his Birthday. A few things I have thought of are some big building blogs, a cute children's backpacks, a wagon (which I think my mom & dad might be getting him), books or one of those Little Tyke cars? I was also thinking maybe we could go to "Build-A-Bear" & make him a bear ourselves & that would be something special we made him & he would have forever. What do you think is a good thing to get a 1-year old?
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  1. We got Elizabeth a persomalized rocking horse. She still plays with it 2 years later. Plus, she will always have the template that says when she got it and why. We still have not gotten into Build-a-bear. It does sound like a cute idea though.

  2. Congrats on the gas card - always so exciting to win stuff - esp a gas card since it definitely will be put to good use :)

    As far as the party - if the kids are all babies - around Jarrett's age - no need to do much to entertain them - just have toys out and they will be good to go - prob the easiest bday you will plan as far as what to do with them :) And for my daughter - the best thing we got for her was a little push car thing - its called Step2 Push Around Buggy - they have it at Walmart & Toys R Us...she still will ride in it and she's 3!

    For food, we just did sandwich trays and appetizer type foods - fruit trays, etc. For the kids, you can just have snack foods like they like - goldfish crackers, puffs, etc. Usually the kids that young don't need much - their first bday is definitely more for the parents - like a celebration for making it through the first year with a new baby! ;) Whatever you do - Im sure it will be great!

  3. We got Cayson a wagon for his first birthday. My grandpa got him a Radio Flyer pedal type car. I think they were both awesome gifts that he has gotten a lot of use out of!

  4. Oh, and yay for winning the gift card and I love the boots!

  5. Yay for that gift card, how awesome is that!! I LOVE the boots...super cute. We just attended the "1" year birthday party for my cousin. They just had fun BBQ time foods. They personalized the sugar cookies, which was really cute.

  6. I got some similar boots from gojane.com I just checked and don't see them anywhere :( Hope you had a good day!

  7. Ok..so..that is awesome about the card!

    I am just serving light sandwhiches and peanut butter & jelly because they can have it at one..so hopefully she won't be allergic!
    i'm doing a smash cake and cupcakes.
    Probably pretzels & chips!

    I think we are getting T-A a baby piano :)