Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"All I Want for Christmas is my TWO front teeth...oh wait! I already have them!"

Look at those teeth, ya'll? He finally has a SET of chompers! And, I'm such a proud mama. He is so stinkin cute I can't stand it. I had to show off these pictures I took tonight of Jarrett showing off his new teefers.
What are ya'll doing this weekend? I think me & lil' J are going to hang out with our friends Kelly & Deegan Friday night. My office is also having our annual Halloween party. And, Sunday night we are Trick-or-Treating at Town Square with my mommy's group! I can't wait for Jarrett's first Halloween!


  1. How cute!!!! Love his little teeth - still waiting on Cannon's...seems like he has been working on them for a few months - but still nothing. When my daughter got her first teeth - they were the 2 fang teeth on top - it was hilarious!!!

  2. He's so cute! I love his smiley photos! Asher's teeth are coming in so fast now - I bet your little guy will have a bunch in no time!