Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life ~ Living Room

Yes, I know I'm behind on this. And, hopefully I'll get around to doing my master bedroom eventually! But, I finally took some pics of our living room. I still need some decor in my house & I actually scrubbed my floors on my hands & knees, why not take some pics?!

I'm trying to think if I should rearrange the living room, but I'm not sure how. I also want to get 3 more big cream window panels to go up on the windows. I've been waiting for them to go on sale at Target. There is also Jarrett's swing, blanket & pillow next to the sofa that I lay out for him to play on :P
This is a little nook next to the fireplace. I have a little lamp & I got that big blue vase on clearance at TJ Maxx. I also light my candles there.
When my mom was here last she got me the brown leather rocking recliner so I could rock Jarrett! I love it! I rock him every night :)
We have HUGE windows in the living room. They cover the entire wall. Thankfully when my Mom & Nannie came into town right after I had Jarrett they bought & hung these curtains for me. I'm so grateful for some privacy & to keep the Vegas sun out!
Jarrett's toys are sitting on top of my Wii Fit...I sure haven't used that thang like I thought I would.
The dining room & kitchen are to the left. And, right when you walk in we have an indoor atrium. I hate it. I have no clue what to do with it. I let my dogs out there to get some fresh air b/c we don't really have a backyard.
You can see the doggies in their bed. This atrium was filled with rocks & it hurt the dogs paws & my feet to walk on it. So, I spent an afternoon cleaning it all out. Now all that's left is dirt & I've gotta figure out something to do with it. Anyone have ideas? I'm welcome to ANY SUGGESTIONS! I was thinking of putting down some fake grass?
Also, Auntie Sum Sum had sent me this sock monkey memory/picture board when I think I had just found out I was pregnant? Is that right Summer? I can't remember! But, I FINALLY got it up in his room & I decided to put some of the pictures that Angela took of Jarrett's hands, feet, etc. I think it looks cute above his bookshelf.
I have to include a couple of pics of my little boo boo schnooker! He is getting so close to crawling ya'll! Any day now...
He loves his Twilight Sea Turtle :)
Hope everyone had a fab weekend!
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  1. Hi Bonnie! I just gave you an award! Stop by and see :)

  2. so snazzy!

    um..i have never seen anything like that indoor room thingy..haha! um..hmm...fake grass sounds good to me..would it be hard to clean?!


  3. He is a CUTEY!!!! My boys love their twilight turtle as well and they are 6 and 4!:) I think fake grass is the perfect idea. That would be a hard one.

  4. The living room looks great and I love the color scheme you have in there. The rocking recliner looks so comfortable! The windows in the living do look really big and the panels look nice and definitely give you some privacy. We never use our Wii Fit either :(

    I’ve never heard of indoor atrium and I wouldn’t know what to do with it either. I’m sure the dogs like it. Maybe you could put some plants out there or something? Fake grass might be cool too.

    The Sock Monkey memory board is so cute and I love the photos you included in it! The last few pics of Jarrett are adorable too btw ;)

  5. I love your living room! I haven't seen an indoor atrium before...that is kind of cool. I have no idea what I'd do with it...maybe put some plants in there like a greenhouse, but they'd get so hot?!?

    Hayden loves his twilight turtle too. And Layla has a ladybug she loves it to pieces :)